5 Games to Play with Family and Friends

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to embrace family, friends, and togetherness. And there’s no better way to do that than to celebrate with fun, exciting games that help you bond – even while you’re desperately trying to defeat each other.

To make things simple, we’ve compiled a list of the best games to try this holiday season. No matter what kind of games you love or what kind of entertainment your holiday crew is looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect pick here. Check them out and get ready to get playing!

For Classic Board Game Fans: Monopoly


If board games are your style, you simply can’t go wrong with Monopoly. This cutthroat classic is a blast, whether you’re playing with kids or adult-only. And since it can take hours to finish up a game, it’s a great option for those who really want to connect with their friends and family, possibly until the wee hours of the morning (just don’t miss Santa’s visit while you try to steal Boardwalk from your aunt).

And while this game is a classic, it’s anything but stale. There are dozens of different versions available, so you can pick the one that most interests your holiday crew. From Star Wars to National Parks, there’s a Monopoly game for every fandom. There’s even a “Cheaters” edition for those who are overplaying “fair.” And to customize things, even more, you can play by different house rules or even come up with your own!

For Those Who Like to Play to Win: Poker


There’s no better game to play with those you know well, and who know you well, than poker. This classic card game not only involves skill and strategy, but it also involves “reading” those you’re playing with well enough to know when they’ve got a great hand – and when they’re just bluffing. While it sounds complex, it’s massively fun, and it’s simple to get started with this helpful guide for new poker players.

While it’s classic to bet money while playing poker (and you can definitely do that), it’s not at all required. Instead, feel free to play for candy canes, holiday chocolates, or cookies. If you’re really feeling competitive, you can even wrap some gifts to use as surprising prizes.

For Those Looking for a Creative Challenge: Guess Who


If you’re into being more creative when you play, but you’ve grown tired of Pictionary or Charades, give Guess Who a try. This is a simple game that’s purchase-free (something your Christmas budget will deeply appreciate).

For this game, all you need to do is have everyone write down a famous character or celebrity onto a sticky note. To make it extra festive, you can stick to characters from holiday films.

Next, each person hands their sticky note to the person next to them, who – without looking at what’s written on the note – sticks it on their forehead.

Once everyone has a sticky note on their forehead, each person can take turns asking “yes” or “no” questions to try to figure out who they are. If someone’s question is answered with yes, they can guess again; if it’s a no, then it becomes the next player’s turn. The first player to guess correctly wins, but feel free to keep playing until everyone has their personal puzzle solved!

For (Even New) Video Game Lovers: Mario Kart


Sometimes, after a holiday feast, all you have the energy to do is lay on the couch. But with Mario Kart, you can do just that while still connecting with those around you and having hours of fun. This racing game, featuring the most beloved characters from multiple Nintendo games, is a favorite of die-hard gamers but is also great for those who haven’t gamed before. It’s simple to pick up, and the game offers those who fall behind in races extra items and tools to make sure everyone can compete.

Up to four players can play at a time, and it’s a fun game for spectators as well (in case you’re too tired from all that pie to even move your thumb). While the latest version is on the Nintendo Switch, you can play vintage versions on older consoles as well. You can even play online against family and friends in other places; so even if you aren’t “together,” you can feel like you are. To stay updated with the latest video gaming trends, visit

For Stealthy, Sneaky Types: Sticker Stalker


Let’s be real; the holidays are busy enough that it can feel impossible to find time to sit down and play a game together. But that’s where a unique game-like Sticker Stalker comes in.

For this game, each player is given a sheet of ten stickers with their name written on it – to make sure it stays on the theme, you can use gift tag stickers! Then, every player must try to stick all of their stickers on other players without them noticing. (If you get caught, the person who caught you gets to put one of their stickers on you.) The first person who successfully sticks all their stickers on others wins!

This is the perfect game to play while you’re all busy with other activities – in fact, this can even make it more fun since everyone is distracted by what they’re doing. If you’re looking for a way to make cooking dinner, wrapping gifts, or decorating even more fun, this is the game for you!

Make This Holiday Season the Most Fun One Ever


By giving these games a try, you can help make this holiday one that’s full of joy, connection, and fun. Whether you’re looking to bond over a board game, challenge yourself to a guessing game, want to win it all in a poker match, love playing video games, or want to add sneaky fun to a busy holiday, these games have got you covered.

Give a few of them a try, and see how many magical memories you can make together.

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