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Linus Sebastian Net Worth 2024 – YouTube That Paid Off

Most of us have known Linus in terms of technology. Namely, he is one of the most popular technology producers in the USA. He also found a company called Linus and he is also very active on YouTube. Apart from all this, he also works a presenter and a demonstrator by giving the latest technology-related data about technology on YouTube. The popularity of his YouTube videos can be seen in mere numbers since it is placed at the 12th place of the most-watched YouTube channels.

Personal life

Linus Sebastian

He was born on the 20th of August in 1986 in Surrey in Canada as Linus Gabriel Sebastian. There are four siblings in the family. Regarding his education, he has finished Garibaldi High School and after which he enrolled at and finished the University of British Columbia. Even at the beginning of his college days, he started to show interest in technology.

He has remained to live in Canada and he got married and got a son and two daughters. He is also very popular for sharing videos about his cats called Rocket and Rumble. They even have their own YouTube channel called LinucCatTips.


He was not always successful and he changed several jobs before he made a success. First of all, he started to work as a painter for a painting company. After this, he changed his job and became a swimming instructor. He did not spend a lot of time there and he then started to work for NCIX.  He started in 2007 as a category manager. His main task was to make technology-related videos and to upload them. He worked there until 2015.


This was a crucial year for him since he decided to make a company, which he did, and he called it Linus Media Group. He made it with two people. They decided to make a platform and to make three different channels, called Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie and Channel Super Fun. They got popular among technology lovers. This platform is regularly used by Sebastian as a means for presenting and posting various videos which are mainly based on the reviews of various products.

He also gives some tips regarding websites and the latest technology innovations. They also decided to make Vlogs where they would share useful data and information related to technology.


As we have said before, the channels got very popular and they have a lot of viewers. For example, if we take Google, their channel is among the 1% of the most preferred advertising channels in terms of technology.

Linus Sebastian

This is not all of it. Namely, 2015 saw Linus among the thirty most powerful players in the world of technology, the list has been prepared by Inc. Magazine. He decided to make his contribution even bigger this year and that he why he decided to make several videos with Buffalo, another very popular technology-related YouTube personality, regarding various technological products.

Linux Tech Tips was one of the most popular channels that he made and it saw its greatest days in 2017 when it got to the eight places on YouTube in terms of the channels that have materials and videos presented related to technology and science.

He has also made a lot of projects throughout his career and some of them are 1 CPU, 7 Games 1CPU, 8/10 Gamers, Scrapyard, Whole room water cooling, The Wan Show, etc. all of those are related to technology and related products and they are extremely popular.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated to be 2.0 million USD in 2024. He has made most of his money by being a YouTube personality and most of the money comes from his channels where he posts various videos, presentations and demonstrations. We should also mention that the company that he founded brought him about $1 million of net worth. This is not all since he also earned some of the money from the presentation and reviews of various gadgets and technology items.

Linus Sebastian had a dream to become a technological guru and he made it, and he also succeeded in becoming a big shot in this field.

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