Michelle Phan
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Michelle Phan Net Worth 2024 – Make-Up That Paid Off

She has made her name in the USA as one of the best make-up artists on the market. Apart from this, she has also become very popular on YouTube. Her channel is very famous and it is 48th on the New Media Rockstars’ Top 100 Channels List.

Personal Life

She was born on the 11th of August 1987 in Boston, MS, the USA. Her mother’s name was Jennifer Phan and she used to be a beautician. The love for make-up started from her mother and from the earliest days of her life. They lived in Massachusetts and in California.

When she was a teenager, she and her family moved to Tampa, Florida, and she started her high school there in Tampa Bay Technical High School. She continued her education and finished Ringling College of Art and Design. We should also mention that she got an honorary Ph.D. of Arts in Ringling.

Love life

It is known that she was with a famous model called Dominique Capraro. The relationship has been the one on the long-distance due to their work. Her boyfriend even helped her in some videos representing her make-up. The gossips that they are not together any more is false. They just want to have privacy and their lives for themselves.


Her beginning goes back to 2005 when she posted her first make-up video on her blog. She also wrote articles related to make-up as well as some tutorials. She was also active on Xanga where her alias was Ricebunny.


The first video that she has posted there was in 2007. She then continued with posting videos and tips about make-up and fashion. She continued to constantly update her YouTube channel with new videos on make-up until she started with the videos inspired by Lady Gaga’s make-up, which she posted in 2009 and 2010.  These videos were intended to show people how they can get the looks that Lady Gaga has in some of her videos.


Michelle Phan
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Her breakthrough happened when she was presented here and this was the time when a lot of people, i.e. millions, visited her channel and saw her work and what she was doing. It should be also noted that her channel and videos are very visited and they have more than 50 million views.


She decided that it was time for her to start working on her own and to make her own make-up. She released MyGlam and also became the spokesperson of Lancôme. Her work was not unrecognized, and she received a lot of nominations and awards.

Net worth

As of 2024, her net worth has been estimated at 55 million USD. Most of the money has come from the videos that she posted on YouTube, i.e. from her channel. She has made several different deals due to her channel and they also brought her much money. She also had her appearances in numerous magazines. Together with L’Oreal, she has prepared and launched a cosmetic line.

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