Michelle Williams
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Michelle Williams Net Worth 2024 – Actress That Started at the Bottom

Becoming successful in Hollywood is not an easy task. Just think about how many people are failing to become part of the movie industry. Now, we will present you with one person that succeeded in the end. We are going to talk to you about Michelle Williams. Her career started as a small, guest TV roles, and now she is working on the most popular movies. We will present you with all the details about her, including her personal life, career, and the net worth.

Michelle Williams
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Personal Life

She was born as a Michelle Ingrid Williams in Kalispell, Montana, on the ninth of September 1980. Her mother is Carla Ingrid Williams, and her father is Larry Williams, a politician, and an author. She has several siblings. She has one sister, Paige, two step-sisters Sara and Kelley, and one step-brother, Jason Williams.

Her education started at the Christian School in

Michelle Williams
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Santa Fe, but after a certain amount of time, she dropped out, and her father educated her at their home. She is married to Phil Elverum a producer, visual artist, and songwriter.

Before the marriage to Elverum, she had several relationships with Heath Ledger, which ended with his death in 2008.

They have one daughter called Matilda, and she has her father`s last name. After the death of Ledger, she dated Spike Jonze, Cary Fukunaga, and Dustin Yellin. Some information revealed that she was dating Jonathan Foer for a certain time. Her marriage to Phil Elverum happened in 2018.


She wanted to pursue an acting career since she was a young girl. Her career began with her guest role in a TV show called “Baywatch”. Later, she appeared in “Step by Step” and “Home Improvement”. Her first appearance in Hollywood was “Lassie”, an adventure movie. She became extremely popular after she got a role on a TV show called “Dawson`s Creek”.

Around that time, she got a role in “Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later”, which only added to her credibility as an actress. She had another successful role in “If These Walls Could Talk 2” in the year 2000. After that, she participated in several unsuccessful movies, until she was cast in “Brokeback Mountain”, a romance movie. The most important movies of her career came after this one.


Movies like “Blue Valentine”, “Shutter Island”, “Suite Francaise”, and “Manchester by the Sea”, only upped her popularity and success as an actress. Most recently, she stars in “Venom”, “I Feel Pretty”, and “Rio”.

Net Worth

Michelle Williams
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Michelle Williams’s net worth is estimated at around $20 million. Her wealth is mainly the product of her acting career. Her career had several ups and downs, but in the end, it became a successful one. It is important to mention that nowadays she mostly is participating in small crime and drama productions, and she makes them more popular with her name.

Most Important Awards and Achievements

During her career, she received many nominations and winnings. We will mention only the most important ones.

  • Independent Spirit Robert Altman Award
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Actress
  • Musical or Comedy
  • Critic`s Choice Movie Awards (For the Best Supporting Actress)
  • Gotham Independent Film Award (For the Best Ensemble Performance)
Michelle Williams
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