Ways to Get Rid of Red Eyes from Consuming Cannabis – 2024 Guide

Smoking cannabis, due to many medical reasons, can be beneficial for your health. But in some people, it may cause red eyes. It shows a sign that you are high, and no one will like to see you in this way. Therefore, it is vital to eliminate this problem before anyone starts expecting different problems and addictions in you.

But it is essential to clarify that having red eyes is not a complication. It is completely fine if you have it. You are removing it because you want to look better and not face anyone with a horrible face. In the following write-up, we will discuss some ways to eliminate this issue after consuming cannabis. Before that, you must know how it happens and then ways to prevent it.

What is the Reason Behind Red Eyes After Consuming Cannabis?


You might be wondering that there are some sorts of irritants in the smoke. But this is not the reason behind this problem. It is the effect of THC, which is a cannabinoid molecule, present in marijuana. It helps in lowering the levels of blood pressure. The effect of this molecule is quite visible in our eyes. The whites, also known as the sclera, become red. It happens due to the lowering pressure in the capillaries and blood vessels in the eyeball.

If we talk about the positive thing, then in many countries, the use of marijuana is legal. It helps in treating glaucoma and improves impaired vision. This herb provides sufficient nutrients to the ocular nerves, and hence treat the problem. If you want to avoid retinal damage, then it is also possible with cannabis.

Ways to Get Rid of Horrible Red Eyes After Smoking Marijuana

There are some effective ways to get rid of this non-severe problem. Let us check out those methods:

1. Wait for Some Time


If you have a few hours to go to your family’s place, then you must wait for that time. The redness goes away automatically, also when you are not doing anything. Therefore, if you have enough time, then you should wait until the redness goes away.

After that, you can go to your home with normal eyes. No one will find that you have smoked cannabis. But it is not a faster method to recover. If you do not have that much waiting time, then you can try other effective methods.

2. Use Eye Drops


You can buy eye drops of any reputed company from a drug store. It should be soothing for your eyes, which can eliminate the redness. You need to pour one to two drops in each eye and wait for the results. In most cases, you will surely get relief from the redness in a few minutes.

Otherwise, you have to wait longer and pour more drops in your eyes. When you use these drops, the blood vessels’ size gets shrink, and then your eyes look good as normal. It is an immediate solution for people who are in a hurry to go somewhere or meeting anyone.

3. Drink Water


If your body is in a dehydration state, you can also see redness in your eyes’ white area. One more reason is also there, i.e., consumption of too much caffeine in a day. It is recommended that you must drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water is a blessing, and it is quite effective in treating many other problems.

Well, if you are finding a safe method, then it is a must to try. It is a comparatively, more healthy option than others. If you stay hydrated all day, then after smoking marijuana, you will not have red eyes.

4. Consume Less THC


If you are experiencing red eyes every day after smoking cannabis, then it is recommended to consume the one with fewer levels of THC. You get marijuana with this ingredient because it helps in preventing many severe problems. Your body may be reacting with that much of quantity. It is necessary to reduce it because, in the end, it will be harmful to your health.

5. Use Ice Pack or Cold Compress


It is an effective way to shrink the blood vessels. You can have an ice pack or a few cubes of ice rolled in a soft towel or cloth. You need to tap it on your closed eyes to eliminate the redness of marijuana. If you are hiding from your family, you can easily reach the refrigerator and get some ice. It is one of the effective methods to solve this problem without any side effects.

6. Wear Sunglasses


If you do not have anything with you like ice, drops, etc., and you are still in a hurry, then you can wear sunglasses. It is the best way to hide your eyes from other people. Ensure that it is daytime when you carry it, and else people will make fun of you. Wearing sunglasses will give you a fantastic look and adds up your personality.

If you feel confident wearing it, then you must go for this method. Meanwhile, you will hide your red eyes that do not look good after smoking marijuana. In some time, you will observe the redness has got vanished.

The Bottom Line

No doubt that marijuana is used in treating many medical problems. But it is legal in some countries in the world. There is nothing wrong with consuming cannabis, but the after-effects can be horrible, and nobody likes to see them. The major after effect is the red eyes. When people find that you are high, they will feel uncomfortable to face you and be around you.

They may feel that you are sick. It is essential to hide the effects by using some methods that we have already discussed. If you are also suffering from the same redness problem, you must try the above ways to eliminate the redness.

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