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Best Ways to Get Fit at Home – 2024 Guide

There are many different reasons why people want to get fit. Logically, the nice look is the primary reason. Some people want to use their look to attract a love partner. Others would want to try out to achieve some career goals because of their look. Despite that, people want to remain healthy. It seems that we forgot how valuable our health is. We are spending too much on achieving our career ambitions. Because of that, we are not eating well, we are not physically active, the sleeping hours are not good, etc.

Finally, people also want to get fit because of self-confidence. It is not a secret that many people feel more confident when they are in good shape.

Still, the main excuse of people is lack of time. They are constantly saying that going to the gym takes a lot of their time. Indeed, it can sometimes be tough to spend an hour or two on this activity. You need to be quite self-discipline to handle all the tasks that you have during the day.

But, is the gym the only solution that you have?

Fortunately, you have a good alternative that will bring equally good results. Exercising at home is also a useful activity. First of all, you do not have to spend time going to the gym and getting back home. So, that sort of excuse does not exist. However, exercising at home also requires a certain dose of self-discipline. When the tough moments come, you need to motivate yourself to exercise.

Two Ways to Exercise at Home

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Indeed, working out at home is different from exercising at the gym. There are two ways how you can do that. First of all, you can exercise without equipment. More precisely, your body is going to be your only equipment. The second way is to purchase some equipment and use it while exercising. Logically, the second option requires good research. Not every piece of equipment is good and necessary. Spending time with no reason is not the point. Because of that, visiting websites like would be the right choice. There you can find reviews of many items and get some directions on how to pick the right one.

Okay, after we made things clearer, let’s get to the point. There are several different ways to get fit at home.

Curb Push-Ups

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Saying that this sort of exercise is easy is a big lie. On the contrary, it is tough and beginners will have to struggle a little. However, start hard is not bad at all. We are constantly putting some limits. This is the way to show to yourself that those limits exist only in our head.

For start, place your hands shoulder-width apart. At the same time, your feet should stay together. The arms should be tucked in slowly lower your chest down towards the curb. Do that before you push your body back up. Despite that, your belly button needs to be towards your spine. In other words, it mustn’t arch your back. If you applied everything we said you are ready to start.

The timing of this exercise is 60 seconds. You should accomplish three sets at once. Logically, you need to take some breaks between each set. 20 seconds would be enough. However, if that seems small to you, then you can make the 30-second break in the beginning. It is not the point to get hurt. Over time, you will start doing things correctly.

Bench Jump Squats

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Every person that exercises actively will tell you that leg exercises are the most boring ones. However, at the same time, they are the most important ones. Because of that, this type of exercise is something you mustn’t skip.

Anyway, this is an explosive plyometric movement that improves the power of your legs. For start, start with a squat stance while placing your feet shoulder-width apart. From there, you should squat down and perform an explosive jump up to the bench. Logically, you need to be careful here and land to the bench safely. Try not to lose balance while doing that. When you accomplish this, only step back down and repeat.

Once again, the timing of this exercise is one minute. You should repeat three sets and take a break of 20 seconds between sets. However, this is going to be a tough exercise for your legs. The beginners usually say that they stop feeling their legs after set or two. We won’t even talk about the feeling that you will have tomorrow morning. Yet, you should know that every start is tough.

Side Plank Rotations

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Is your goal to improve core strength? Well, then side planks are an effective way to do something like that. First of all, you should stay in a plank position. After that, you need to turn your body to one side while raising your arm. Keep your arm fully-extended if you plan to make this exercise completely effective. After you finish one side rotation, you should return to the plank position. Finally, repeat the movement, but do that on the opposite side.

The timing and number of sets are equal to the previous one. Be sure that you will notice the improvement of your core strength after doing this exercise 2 or three times. We do not want to say the change will be huge. However, it will be motivational and it will convince you to continue.

Mountain Climbers

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How physically active you are? This is especially a good question now when we are all isolated because of the Coronavirus crisis. Well, your cardio deserves improvement. It makes your lives easier. Mountain climbers are one of the exercises that will quickly get your heart rate up.

The exercise might seem easy at first glance. However, after only one set, you will have the opposite opinion. Anyway, first of all, you need to get in a high plank position. Your knees need to be high into your chest. However, at the same time, you need to extend your other leg. Repeating this movement with each leg as quickly as possible is something that will improve the speed of your heart rate.

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