3 Essential CPA Study Tips For Anybody Working A Full-Time Job

Studying for the CPA exam while working a full-time job can feel overwhelming, to say the least. After all, this exam is infamous for having a pass rate of about 50%. That’s why we’ve compiled 3 study strategies that you can use right now to create CPA test prep study opportunities. Good luck!

1. Utilize Spare Moments

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One way of maximizing your available study time is by figuring out times during the day where you can squeeze in unexpected prep. For example, daily commutes provide an excellent opportunity for extra study time. If you normally drive to work, try listening to audio lectures. By downloading a couple of CPA review sessions onto your phone, you can fit an extra hour or more into your day. You can also listen to these lectures during the time at the gym, lunch, or while preparing for dinner.

Alternatively, if you take a bus or carpool to work you can take some time to work with flashcards. Taking some time to quiz yourself at random points during the day allows you to plan out later CPA test prep by telling you what areas need further review.

2. Find A CPA Tutor

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Since your time is already so restricted, you want to make sure that you are making the most out of your available study hours. Finding a CPA test prep expert is a way to make sure that you are covering the necessary material while studying efficiently. Students often find that they can get more accomplished in an hour with a CPA tutor than on their own. To find out more, check tutorthepeople.com.

You can also keep an eye out for online CPA test prep services, so you don’t have to go far to work on your studies. There are even study groups you can find through tutoring programs where you can meet with other CPA students. This gives you an opportunity to work together to understand the material as well as a chance to explain the material to others.

3. Create A Reward System

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According to CPA tutor, studying for so long while working every day can be exhausting. That’s why you want to be careful that you avoid burning out and losing motivation to continue your CPA test prep. One way to combat this is by creating some kind of reward system for different pre-determined goals.

When you sit down to plan out your study schedule, also schedule days of fun for yourself as you pass each milestone. Planning out trips to the movies, a night at your favorite restaurant, or some time with friends can help motivate you to reach each goal. This way you always have something ahead to look forward too and break up some of the monotony of studying.

You could even schedule a trip somewhere, or at least some time off, for after you take the final CPA exam. After working so diligently for so long, you definitely deserve some relaxing time to yourself. Make sure to think of some kind of big reward you can give yourself to celebrate your accomplishments.

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