3 of the Best Ways to Visit Santa

It’s almost that time of year again when the kids want to visit the main man himself to tell him how good they have been all year. Santa is very busy but he still manages to visit many different locations to hear the neverending lists of presents. We have put together some of our favorite ways to visit Santa this year, hopefully allowing you to tick one thing off the list before the big day.

1 – Shopping Centre


Visiting Santa at your local shopping center is a very convenient and efficient way of passing on those present requests. It can be tied in with a Christmas shopping trip, meaning for at least one trip around the shops the kids are bound to be on their best behavior.

Santa normally begins making his visits to shopping centers around the end of November, allowing your kids to get their list early enough for Santa to deliver them on time.

This option is also the quickest and most affordable choice, with sits on Santa’s lap normally costing between £1-£5. This also includes a gift for each child from Santa to keep them going until the big day.

2 – Winter Wonderland


If you would like to make more of the day of it, you could always opt for visiting Santa at a winter wonderland. These Christmas themed fairs, usually pop up in many UK cities in November. Some of our favorites include Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, London, Winter Wonderland Cardiff, Christmas at the Botanics, Edinburgh, Winter Wonderland, Manchester and Santa’s Winter Wonderland, Tamworth.

All of the above-mentioned destinations feature Christmas delights for adults and kids to enjoy, including rides, attractions, and tasty treats and festive drinks. Some even feature ice rinks and real snow.

This option will offer a Santa visit with a festive backdrop, however, entry is usually around £20 per person so is significantly more expensive than the shopping center trip. However the gift from Santa for each child will be more valuable, (normally around £5-£10).

If affordable this option does provide a fun, festive day out for all the family to enjoy.

3 – Lapland


If you have a little bit more to spend, (well quite a bit more) then why not do the big one, the ultimate Christmas trip – Lapland. This magical experience has been raved about by kids and adults alike for many years now. There are a variety of packages available from various providers such as, allowing you to tailor a unique trip for your family, including visiting Santa at his workshop, dog sleigh rides, experiencing the northern lights and many more.

Costs normally begin from around £500 per person, depending upon travel dates and providers. Trips normally run from November- January, however various providers may have different dates available.

This magical trip is normally a once in a lifetime trip for most families, allowing you to relax for a few days in a very real winter wonderland before the big day

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our Santa visit guide and hopefully it has given you some ideas about where you can visit him over the festive period. We have tried to include a variety of options to suit all budgets and families, meaning that wherever you choose to see Santa this year, hopefully, you enjoy a relaxing family day together.

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