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The 5 Essential Camping Accessories of 2024

Camping is never easy for beginners and experienced campers who do not know what to carry with them for a pleasant camping experience.

Camping gear has been changing year by year, and this article has the best camping gear you need for 2024 and is an excellent resource for you if you would like to learn more about camping on Outdoor Spike.

Let us look at what you should carry with you;

A portable shower is a must-have

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It is essential to find out if there is a shower in the woods before you get out to camp. Most of the time, you may find a shower near your camping site, but some may not offer it. Therefore, a portable shower comes in handy during such times.

Nowadays, it is easy to find a good portable shower for your camping needs, especially if you are going camping for several days. All you may need is a hot shower since, mostly, you will find it cold out there. A warm bath makes your nights both friendly and enjoyable.

Portable showers are usually solar-powered, meaning you can still enjoy a warm shower even if you do not have access to electricity. The fact that it uses solar power makes it not only efficient but cost-saving since you do not want to spend unnecessarily.

Use a portable stove for your cooking needs

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Cooking in the camp is not an easy task; if all you have to depend on is food provided by someone else, let’s say the camp management if there is. The best way to enjoy food and your camping experience is by cooking your meals. It is not only efficient but also gives you memories to carry with you back home.

Sometimes starting a fire can be a daunting task, especially if it is rainy out there and firewood cannot help. The best thing to do is carry with you a portable cooking stove and forget the hustle of cooking outside during rainy days, which can be frustrating.

Mostly, people share facilities at camping sites if they are not enough. You may have to share a charcoal stove if that is the only thing available. However, if you have a portable propane stove, you will cook your meals at your convenience.

Avoid using your car battery as an electronics charger

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Although you may not use your phone to access the internet since there will be limited connectivity mostly, you may use it to pass the time by playing games, watching movies, reading, or even taking photos. Therefore, you will sometimes run out of charge and need to recharge it.

Mostly, the best way to charge your phone at a camp is using your car battery. But there is another essential thing you need to do; saving your car battery. Therefore, you should avoid using the car battery to charge devices such as phones and cameras.

You should opt to carry a solar-powered portable charger to charge all your electronics or you can check this helpful guide on camping air conditioner units. One important thing about using a portable solar charger is that you save on the costs and ensure your car battery remains in the best condition.

Your tent should feel like home

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Your tent should feel warm, lit, and even cold when it is too hot. That gives you that home feeling even when you are out there camping. The first thing is solarizing your tent by using hanging solar lights. You should avoid tripping over them by placing them strategically on poles.

Also, ensure that the solar light you carry can use batteries. Sometimes the jungle may experience bad weather, and therefore you will not have sunlight to power the lights during the day. It will be easy to manage this if the solar lights support batteries.

Sometimes your tent may feel too hot either in the afternoon or sometimes during the night. A solar fan can be an excellent solution for you if you are sweating in your tent. But always remember to power it during the day if the weather is sunny.

Keep drinks and foods in the right conditions

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You can keep your meet or drinks in a solar-powered cooler. That is one of the best things you can carry with you if you want to have a great camping experience because you will need to maintain your drinks and foods in the right conditions.

Solar-powered coolers are great to use because they feel like you are reaching out to a refrigerator at home and grabbing a drink. Solar coolers are usually portable, but you should be careful to check if it has wheels before buying one.  Otherwise, you may have to lug it around, making it tiresome.


There are different camping essentials that you may need for your next camp. However, there also exist things that can enhance your camping experience and make it enjoyable. Our list of what you need for a great camping experience can help you plan before you set out.

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