The Best Accessories That You Need to up Your Game

Gaming evolution is something that we can witness before our eyes. For example, it hasn’t been too long when gamers used their consoles like Atari and Commodore. PC gaming was always reserved for a certain type of gamers, but we consider consoles to be a class of its own.

Today, we have consoles that are equipped with a wide array of features that are making the whole experience much better than it was back in the day. Some of the game titles are made especially to be experienced with some of these accessories, from high-quality headphones to mobile phone controller grip.

Are you thinking about investing in some different peripherals and accessories to help you further your gaming? Take a look at this shortlist, detailing some great suggestions that could optimize your setup and increase the overall experience and participating in the game, if we’re talking multiplayer, or enjoying the story of the game if we are talking single player.

Mobile Phone Controller Grip


Using mobile to do all of your gaming? Sometimes hand cramps and finger pain can be a real tough one to get through, so perhaps it’s time to rig out your phone with some bonuses. Depending on the type of game, you might first want to look into getting a stylus for your device, which could help to increase precision, but another clever add-on could be a controller-styled grip for your phone.

Not only will this allow you to hold your mobile with much better comfort, but as the streaming future develops further, you should be able to access services such as Google Stadia through your mobile, allowing you to use the remote should you choose.

Keep finding yourself with a low battery after playing some games on your phone? While you’re at it, it might also be worth making some other additions and changes to your mobile setup. Portable chargers aren’t very expensive to throw in your bag and then plug-n-play when you’re ready, and full charging phone cases entirely will charge your phone whilst also protecting it.

This sort of kit is perfect for if you’re playing outdoor, geo-location games such as Pokemon GO or Minecraft Earth, as they can often be quite the horrible battery sink running that app.

Virtual Reality Headset


Got a PlayStation 4 at your disposal, or maybe a higher-end gaming PC, and want to take things to the next level in terms of immersion? Investing in a virtual reality headset will give you access to a wide range of different VR-exclusive titles.

If you’re a PC player specifically, there’s never been a better time to get your hands on a virtual reality headset. Valve’s long-awaited Half-Life 2 Episode 2 sequel… isn’t coming out, but we are getting instead is what’s going to no doubt be an incredible and immersive simulation of City17 and beyond from the Half-Life universe.

This prequel is already hailed as perhaps the killer app for VR, and what Super Mario 64 did for 3D gaming, and so it isn’t one to miss. With Valve having optimized Half-Life: Alyx for a range of different supported headsets, too, it’s easier than ever to get something together to play this game.

Tip – Finding yourself the best version of a game possible

If you’re someone that has the luxury of being able to choose the platform that you play your games on, perhaps because you own all of the different consoles, for example, then you should make sure when you’re picking up a new game that you’re getting the best version for your money – one that runs smoothly, and offers the highest quality without stuttering or stopping.

Abstraction is a game development studio that specializes in adapting game development requirements to different platforms, and are the sort of developer to get the most out whichever platform they’re on. If you’re looking at getting a port version of a game you’ve played previously, passionate developers such as these are the types of ones that we look out for.

PS4 Bluetooth Remote


Talking about older versions of PS4 remotes wasn’t so pleasant. Let’s face it, they were pretty bad back in the day. They have too many buttons in an order that didn’t make much sense. Simply said, they were almost useless.

With this in mind, we were thankful that we’ve got a new version of PS4 remote that is much better than older versions. Our confidence is not without a reason. Even the company itself decided to provide the product with their license.

2-Terabyte PS4 Game Drive


As you might know, 500 GB that are provided by a console without any additional features, are not going to last too long. If you are looking forward to playing large size video games like GTA V, then you would need to buy at least an additional game drive.

You can choose two sizes, 1 TB or 2 TB. In order to prevent yourself from deleting any video games from your drive, we would recommend you to use 2 TB PS4 game drive.

High-Quality Headphones


Much like having a high-definition television or computer monitor to play your video games on, getting yourself a nice pair of headphones should be paramount if you want to get yourself immersed. Here are two examples of how these might help you to better your gaming experience in 2024:

  • For single-player, narrative-driven experiences, leveraging scores and musical scores to your advantage will help you to engross yourself in the game world, and enjoy the game much more. While it’s up to you how you want to play, if you’re absent-mindedly running through a game’s story while barely paying attention to the built-in subtitles, you might be missing out on quite a great connection and experience.
  • For multiplayer, competitive games, a surround sound setup is an absolute must, as it will allow you to listen out for opponents, giving you the advantage by informing you of the location of a player based on their footsteps, before you’d ever seen them. For high-pressure game situations, such as Counter-Strike, not having a decent headset or a speaker system is an absolute killer, as enemies might be able to get the drop on you and you might not be able to see it coming.

The Bottom Line

As you know, stepping up the experience when it comes to gaming largely depends on various features that you can get after you buy the console itself. We’ve provided you with some of them and we are hoping that we are going to influence some of your future buys with our recommendations.

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