4 Areas Where a Digital Marketing Expert Can Enhance Your Online Efforts

You’ve used the Internet as part of your business marketing strategy for well over a decade. Over the last few years, it seems as if your website and other efforts aren’t producing much in the way of results. Could it be that there’s more to digital marketing than you realize?

It’s time to bring in a professional such as OneCoremedia team to make the most of what the Internet has to offer. You’ll find that experts who can take your digital marketing efforts to new heights will make all the difference. Here are four areas that the expert is likely to address.

Assessing and Improving Your Company Website


You have a good website, but it’s not a great one. The content needs updating, and the keywords you use on different pages are not as popular as they were in the past. The expert also notices that it takes a little too long for images and other elements on some pages to load. In a world where users have short attention spans, that can kill your traffic.

A digital marketing expert will identify what needs to be improved to make your website compelling for today’s users. That may mean new content, revising old content, updating keywords, changing the tags used for pages and images, and even rethinking how your pictures are selected.

Putting the Company Blog to Good Use

You started a company blog several years ago, but posts are somewhat hit and miss. Consistency, as well as compelling content, is essential if the blog is to do your business any good. An expert who knows digital marketing well can set up a schedule for releasing fresh content regularly. The topics for the content will also be ones that are likely to appeal to your target audience.

With the right schedule and content that includes great information and relevant keywords, you should see an increase in traffic. Embed the right links to your website pages, and the number of click-throughs should also increase.

Setting Up a Viable Schedule for Social Media Use


You’ve been about as diligent with your social media accounts as you’ve been with the blog. Posting on social media must be consistent to hold onto and grow your audience. An expert will schedule a variety of posts intended to amuse, inform, and engage your audience.

With the right type, you give the readers some incentive to share your posts and also invite people in their networks to follow your pages and accounts.

Launching Your Google My Business Site

You should open a Google My Business account if you do not need one. This resource has gained in popularity in the last couple of years and shows every sign of becoming more popular. An expert can show you how to set up the basics, what sort of posts to add, and even set up a schedule for adding jobs.

With the right touch, it will be a great way to redirect visitors to your website and increase the traffic by a significant margin.

These are only some of the ways that a digital marketing expert can make a difference. Make an appointment today for a full assessment that includes your website, social media accounts, and your blog. The experts can recommend changes that improve your online presence very quickly.

Digital Marketing Strategy


A serious company should have a Digital Communication Strategy before embarking on a Digital Marketing Strategy. Or at least “non-digital,” general strategies for communication and marketing. But this is often not the case in practice.

A digital marketing strategy is to design and execute a plan of promotional activities through your own, paid, and deserved digital media to attract potential customers and convert them to clients, as well as to further communicate with clients. Its narrower form, reduced to the Internet only, is called the Online Marketing Strategy.

Digital Marketing Courses, which award sound digital titles, offer programs that do not cover all that digital marketing is today. The list of elements usually contains only old, well-known things from old internet marketing:

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Content
  • Software
  • Analytics

Common misconceptions about digital marketing


Some people reduce it to just its online appearances, though he also implies some offline stuff. Others reduce it to Facebook, Instagramming, and twittering, that is, to “clicking” on the buttons of those social media and paying for their advertising services, forgetting even the importance of their internet site in severe digital marketing.

You can read more about the proper view of digital marketing: Digital marketing is not just about online marketing

The digital marketing world is full of superficial people without any prior knowledge and experience in overall marketing. traditional marketing, as they like to call it. They only see a small picture, which even marketing itself reduces, in the milder case of ignorance, to the promotional mix, and in the more severe case of ignorance to mere advertising (advertising).

And of course, they confuse him with PR. About all this in a separate text: Brethren by Difference: Marketing and Public Relations

How do you distinguish serious strategy makers from amateur ones? Serious deals are about looking at the broadest, most comprehensive picture of digital marketing, from which a specific proposal of the necessary tools and channels that bring the customer the desired result has yet to be defined.

Amateur deals contain pre-defined, commonplace stories about commercial solutions like Google Ads or clicking on Ads Manager for Facebook and its ad platforms. And what if, for example, a company is much more suited to another search engine for the market they are accessing or other social networks more relevant to their target group?

That is why this text does not contain any mention of multinational internet companies and their platforms.

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