Beyond Protection: How Motorcycle Windshields Can Enhance Your Riding Experience?

Are you a motorcyclist who feels exposed to the elements and is in search of more protection? If so, this article is for you. Offering more than just protection from wind, rain, and debris, motorcycle windshields can significantly enhance your riding experience. Read on to discover how one single upgrade can transform your time spent in the saddle.

Benefits of Motorcycle Windshields

Motorcycle windshields, including aftermarket motorcycle windshields, provide much more than just protection; they can also enhance the overall riding experience. By guiding the airflow away from the rider, they reduce most of the wind noise and turbulence that is commonly associated with motorcycles. With a shortened wake area in front of the shield, riders don’t experience as much buffeting and air blowing in their faces. This can make long trips more comfortable and enjoyable while also making it easier to maintain concentration while riding.

Another benefit to having a windshield on your motorcycle is improved visibility in difficult weather conditions like rain or snow or during low-light situations like night riding when glare from headlights can be a problem. They act like a ‘splash guard’ for the rider, blocking out the wind and precipitation so that riders can keep their vision clear.

Windshields also add style to many motorcycles by providing an upgrade from standard plastic or metal parts of previous models —often referred to as ‘factory windscreens’—to sleeker acrylic versions which add even more style as well as improved protection from elements like bugs or dust particles that can be thrown up by road surfaces on longer trips. As such, they are a popular choice among all types of motorcyclists.

Types of Motorcycle Windshields


They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you’re looking for added protection from the elements or just a bit of style to make your ride stand out from the crowd, there’s a perfect shield out there for you.


Standard windshields are often those included on motorcycles when purchased. While these can provide some protection from wind and debris, there is not much customization available with these models.

Touring-style windshields

Touring-style windshields are usually larger and feature adjustable mounting options so that riders can control the amount of wind they receive while riding. These shields are designed specifically to reduce fatigue while on longer rides by cutting down on air turbulence and buffeting caused by riding at high speeds.

Sport motorcycle windshields

They are designed to minimize air drag while still providing some shelter from wind and debris. Many sport bike riders opt for sporty, low-profile shields that make the bike look sleeker while providing a bit of protection too.

There are also custom motorcycle windshields available that offer more comprehensive coverage than standard models do. These larger shields often feature unique curved designs that deflect wind away more efficiently, offering increased coverage without sacrificing style. There is also a wide selection of materials available ranging from clear plastics to acrylics like Plexiglas® which can be used to customize the look of your shield even further.

How to Choose the Right One?


Beyond protection from wind and inclement weather, there are also various ways that a windshield can help to enhance your overall ride. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your windshield:

  1. Choose the right size: Make sure to purchase the correct size windshield for your bike. A properly sized shield will maximize visibility, reduce wind noise and turbulence, and block debris while allowing enough airflow to keep you cool on those hot summer days.
  2. Get visibility with tint: Tinted shields block wind while increasing visibility in certain sun conditions. Consider getting a tinted version when needed or having a special coating applied that helps keep your vision unobstructed while deflecting both UV light and sun glare.
  3. Opt for adjustable shields: Adjustable shields allow different levels of airflow by tilting forward or backward as needed, making them great choices for seasonal weather changes like warm summer months followed by colder days in wintertime.
  4. Explore new materials: Many different materials exist today for motorcycle windshields that can provide better protection than ever before used in this line of sport touring applications—such as high impact-resistant polycarbonate, scratch-resistant acrylic, strong thermoplastic acrylic (TPO), or fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene (FRP). Using any of these higher-quality materials can help you get better clarity and longevity from your shield than other products made with cheaper plastic materials or low-pressure process plastics (LPS). By upgrading to one of these higher-quality materials you’ll be able to enjoy improved performance on your rides no matter what the weather!
  5. Upgrade with features: Many advanced features are now available for motorcycle windshields including built-in LED lights, vent ports designed into the shield, smartphone mounts, hands-free Bluetooth communication systems, and much more! Consider upgrading your existing shield to get more enjoyment from the ride through advanced technological capabilities designed specifically for motorcyclists like yourself!

Installation and Maintenance


When installing, make sure the OEM frame is in good condition, as improper alignment can create wind turbulence that can hinder visibility or cause buzzing in the rider’s helmet. Your windshield also needs to be securely fastened in all areas; use manufacturer-recommended bolts and washers to ensure durability.

Since windshields are constantly exposed to outside elements, they need frequent cleaning and maintenance to remain at peak performance. Clean them with a soft cloth using mild soap and water, and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Avoid running tap water onto the glass, since it may leave spots on the surface and eventually cause it to become cloudy. Buff with a soft cloth when done, then apply an approved sealant formulated specifically for windshields such as Rain-X or Plexus Plastic Cleaner & Polish.

Finally, inspect your frame regularly for wear or damage; even a tiny crack or chip can cause your windshield to vibrate at higher speeds which could impair visibility or distort sound waves inside the helmet enough to reduce the stereo fidelity of audio headsets.


In conclusion, motorcycle windshields offer protection and comfort which can enhance your riding experience. The right one will help you arrive at your destination in a more comfortable way by keeping the elements at bay. Additionally, the range of styles and materials available today means you’re able to customize your bike with a shield that appeals to your aesthetics.

Finally, when making the decision to buy a motorcycle windshield be sure to consider factors like visibility, noise levels, aerodynamics, style, and protection levels for optimum results.

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