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6 Places for Beach Camping in California – 2024 Guide

Well, entire California is famous because of the many things. This part of the country is a place where you can find some of the most beautiful cities in the world. For example, cities like Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco attract many tourists each year. However, huge buildings, big bridges and unforgettable nights are not the only reasons why you should come here.

Crowds and noise are surely two things that you can find in the entire region. Yet, many people that live here would want to get away from the down and relax in silence. The most common method of finding peace and silence is – camping.

This article will be useful for everyone. If you live somewhere in California, then you will discover some places good for beach camping that you might haven’t heard about yet. On the other hand, if you want to visit California, then you should hear the best places for beach camping in California.

But, Before We Start…

We assume that you plan to camp because of the two reasons that we mentioned. Sleeping outside under the clear sky is something you will remember forever. Despite that, sitting and watching waves in the afternoon before the sun goes down is amazing.

Still, if you truly want to make the entire camping more comfortable there are a couple of items you should bring. More precisely, there are two of them that are “must-have” items. First of all, you will need to have a tent. However, we believe that you won’t spend a lot of time on it when the weather is perfect. Because of that, the smartest move you should make is getting a camping cot. You can find a huge number of models and brands online. However, if you are willing to find the high-quality ones, we suggest you visit this website to get more info.

Check online to see which accessories and items are necessary for summer camping as well. However, preparation for beach camping is the easiest one comparing to other camping types.

Anyway, after we mentioned this, let’s together see the best spots in California for beach camping.

Half Moon Bay

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Well, we already mentioned that San Francisco is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Yet, you can also find some cool beach camping places near this town. One of them is Half Moon Bay without any doubt.

Here you can find miles of Oceanside views. Many tourists that have camped here say it is one of the most elegant and beautiful beaches in the world. The site is always clean and easy-to-access. Because of that, you might see a whale swimming. Trust us; it is an experience you will remember forever.

Watsonville, California

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Well, this place is perfect for people that are planning to camp with their families. More precisely, it is a perfect spot for kids. The reason why we say this is simple. Most of the places good for beach camping are far away from the crowds. We do not want to say that this place is not isolated. You can also expect silence and peace. However, shops and other necessities are not far away. If you need something for your kids, that won’t be a problem. Despite that, you won’t have to bring a lot of things together with you.

Anyway, this area is located near the south of Santa Cruz. If you are a big fan of surfing, then this place is a great choice. There are often great waves that are perfect for this entertaining activity.

Capitola, California

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Okay, there are a couple of things that we have to say. This is a place that a huge number of people visit every year. Because of that, you need to plan camping here. However, 2 weeks in advance would be enough.

This place is also great for family beach camping. Capitola’s restaurants and shops are only around 15 minutes away from the beach. So, if in some moment you realized you forgot something, that won’t be a huge problem.

Santa Catalina Island, California

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Okay, if you are a big fan of traditional camping, then this is a great choice. When we say “traditional”, we talk about life without technology. First of all, around you, there will only be hills. You will feel like you are spending time on a private island.

Despite that, each campsite gets an independent fire pit and a picnic table. This place is a winner when we talk about backcountry camping. So, if you imagined the camping in this way, then this is the place you should come. However, keep in mind that you will have to bring a bit more things when coming here. Things like shops and restaurants you won’t be able to find quickly.

Malibu, California

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Okay, we now come to the place that is a synonym for peace and silence. This place attracts only adventurists and “real” campers. There are no expensive hotel rooms and restaurants near this place. You will have to prepare the equipment and food at home.

However, a bit longer preparation will pay off in the end. You will get the chance to find picnic spots with ocean views, beachside hiking trails, crowd-free and clean spots in the sand, etc. Additionally, we know that surfers will love it because of the great waves.

San Clemente, California

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Well, we all have different tastes, don’t we? That’s why we have different expectations for beach camping. If you are not a person that loves traditional camping, then this place is good for you. More precisely, here you will see a huge number of people surfing. It is a place where you can set up a tent and surf for the entire day.

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