What Should You Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Crash?

While there are multiple safety measures you can apply, some unavoidable accidents can occur no matter how careful you are. After an accident, you may be in shock, and your adrenaline may be running high. Learning the steps to take ensures you’re prepared to react appropriately if needed.

The often brief moments after a motorcycle accident impact your ability to seek legal redress. You need to get to safety, inform the police and your insurance provider, seek medical attention, collect contacts of involved parties, and gather as much evidence from the scene.

Whatever you do, do not admit fault, and speak to a motorcycle crash lawyer as soon as you can. Here are steps to take immediately after a motorcycle accident.

Get To Safety And Collect Contact Information

Analyze your current situation and surroundings. Are you vulnerable and still in harm’s way? Are you badly injured? Remove yourself from traffic and check whether everyone involved in the accident is okay. If not, help them get to safety.

Once everyone is safe, exchange information with everyone involved in the accident. Collect the name, phone number, insurance and license numbers, and address of anyone involved. Take photos of any vehicles involved, note the car model, and make plate numbers and descriptions.

Remember to keep all these notes organized when there are multiple parties to prevent mixing up info like confusing a person’s insurer with another. You’ll need to give accurate details to your motorcycle crash lawyer.

Inform The Police


Filing a police report after a motorcycle accident is crucial for accurately telling your side of the story. It also forces an at-fault party to report how they caused the accident that led to your injuries. The report will be vital evidence for your motorcycle accident lawyer.

Involving the police allows all parties to collect the contact information of the witnesses and parties involved. Report all personal injuries. This step will come in handy when claiming from the insurance companies involved.

Seek Medical Treatment

After a motorcycle accident, your body may be in shock, and the adrenaline can keep you from feeling any pain or noticing any injuries. Consider this as you wait for the paramedics to get to the scene. Do not rush to remove your protective gear, which may exacerbate injuries. Wait for medical help.

Seek medical attention immediately and have any injuries or symptoms you’re experiencing checked out. Seek treatment irrespective of how insignificant or minor the symptoms and injuries may seem. An injury that appears trivial and minor can later lead to chronic and substantial pain or even long-term damage that changes how you live your everyday life.

Delayed injuries should always be documented immediately after the accident for your motor crash lawyer to show that they resulted from the accident and not any other occurrence. Return to your doctor should you experience a new symptom not apparent in the initial treatment.

For medical treatment, time is of the essence. The sooner you get the proper diagnosis and appropriate medical attention, the sooner you begin your recovery. The sooner you report, the easier it is to show the relationship between your injuries and the accidents, and the easier it is to claim redress and damages.

Do Not Admit Fault

It’s common for the involved parties to offer quick apologies after a crash; it’s human nature. A motorcycle accident can be traumatic, and it’s easy to rush to provide the other party with an apology. Most times, the cause of the accident is still unclear immediately after impact.

Many motorists do not recall all the details until hours and, for some, even days later. Be careful and particular about everything you say. What may feel like an innocent apology at an accident scene can result in serious legal consequences later, such as an admission of guilt.

Call A Motorcycle Crash Lawyer


Speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring a motorcycle crash lawyer will make all the difference in insurance settlements. Often, insurance companies offer the lowest amounts for your damages. Having an accident attorney helps negotiate with the companies.

Make sure you consult a lawyer before you accept any settlement. They are more informed on handling such scenarios and will speak to the insurance company on your behalf. To get the best claim, contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Inform Your Insurance Company


Like filing a report with the police, contacting your insurer will help document the crash for review later. Provide your insurer with all the information you collected from the parties involved and those who witnessed the accident.

Remember not to admit fault, especially to an insurance agent. You may think you caused the accident even when the events are blurry. Always wait for your motorcycle crash lawyer to guide you on approaching any admission of probable guilt or contribution to the accident. The lawyer will also investigate all possible causes of the accident and advice you accordingly.

Talk To Witnesses And Gather Evidence

Eyewitnesses are essential in any legal matter. Talk to witnesses and present findings to your motorcycle crash lawyer. Interview anyone that saw what happened and record all their observations with your phone or just write them down on paper.

Collect as much information as possible while the incident is still freshly recorded in their minds. Remember to take their contact information in case your lawyer wants to know more from them later.

It’s always advisable to gather evidence immediately after an occurrence. Write notes, take pictures, and even obtain a copy of the police report.

Seek Redress For Injuries

You are entitled to damages for fatalities and injuries when involved in a motorcycle crash. Claiming for damages is more critical for motorcycle accidents since the nature of the accidents often involves severe injuries. The sooner you seek redress, the easier it will be to make a claim.

Personal injury claims can be complicated, so you should work with a lawyer to help you navigate the process. Call a personal injury attorney as soon as possible and leave the claiming process to them as you focus on healing.

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