Things to Consider When Choosing a Law Firm

Things to Consider When Choosing a Law Firm

When you require legal assistance, the last thing you want to do is sign on with a firm that cannot provide you with the help you need and deserve. Going with the first available firm is the easiest route, but there might be better options in the long term. You want to keep several things in mind while choosing a law firm to represent you in your case.

Reputation and Reviews

A law firm, like Hays Firm, must have a stellar reputation. While there will likely be previous clients who expressed their displeasure in a public review, most of the firm’s reviews should be positive. Check on multiple sites to read as many of them as possible.

Ask the community if anyone has had an experience with the firm. Consider also reaching out on social media or privately to family and friends to ask for personal recommendations. Many have had to use a law firm at some point, so chances are you can get at least a few recommendations to research to see if they would be a good match for your particular needs.

Perseverance and Determination

Perseverance and Determination

The answer to how to win your case likely will not fall in your lawyer’s lap. A law firm needs to be willing to work to find loopholes, review previous examples of cases that match yours to get fresh ideas and discover solutions that could help you win your case. A defeatist attitude should not be present.

Even if a law firm does not feel like there is a high probability of you winning your case, they should still make an effort and try anyway until the very end. In some circumstances, perseverance could switch the case back in your favor, even at the last moment, primarily if your lawyer provides reasonable doubt to at least one juror.

While lawyers should be honest and authentic with their clients about the likelihood of winning the case, they should also make them feel confident that they are doing everything they can to win. This winning attitude does not include putting the case on the back burner or making minimal effort.


The cost will likely influence your decision about which law firm to choose. Some can be much more expensive, depending on several factors, such as location.

Some law firms will offer payment plans, which may mean the difference between hiring that firm or going elsewhere. Suppose you can only pay part of the bill at a time. Then, additional options, such as making monthly payments, may be a beneficial alternative, especially if you are going through an expensive life change.


Chances are you will not want to hire a law firm that is exceptionally far from your home, especially if you know you will be making frequent visits to the office. Opt for one as close to your residence as possible, one you know will be doable when you have an appointment.

Appearance of the Office and Lawyer

Appearance of the Office and Lawyer

The law firm’s office and its lawyers might not seem relevant. However, it depends on your preferences. If the office is a mess – even in organized chaos – it might not be a good sign of the lawyers’ and the team’s organizational capabilities. Yes, lawyers are often incredibly busy, but that is still not an excuse. Good organization skills are essential for a lawyer, especially considering the complexities of legal cases.

If the lawyer looks disheveled, it likely will not make a positive impression on the judge, jury, or others. They should dress professionally, whether in the courtroom or seeing clients in their offices.

Practice Area(s)

There are several different areas of law, including business, entertainment, environmental, and corporate law. Your case and its circumstances will fit into one of the practice areas, so finding a law firm capable of taking it on is essential.

For instance, if you need someone who practices family law, you would not go to someone who specializes in entertainment law. Some law firms offer services in one area, while others can handle two or more, especially if they are more prominent firms.

Previous Experience in the Practice Area

Some people are okay with hiring a lawyer who has yet to gain previous experience in the practice area in which their case falls. Still, others prefer to hire someone with relevant prior experience. If you hire a firm with a background, ask them about their overall success rate and in that particular area so you can get a general idea of their record.


Having excellent communication skills is essential for a law firm and its team. For starters, they must converse with their clients respectfully, making them feel comfortable asking questions and opening up about minor case details.

Lawyers need to be able to listen to their clients effectively, the witnesses, and other lawyers in the courtroom. Reading body language can also be beneficial, especially when dealing with cross-examinations, the jury, and witnesses. Picking up on the slightest signs could help them with their case.

Another reason stellar communication skills are necessary is that you do not want to hire a team with whom it will be (nearly) impossible to communicate. For example, if you get an important letter that you need to speak to your lawyer about, it should not take days for them to get back to you unless they are on vacation and you are already aware they are taking time away from the office.

However, choose a law office without planned vacations or other time out if you decide that your case needs immediate attention.

As much as you want instant help with your case, take the time to find the right law firm rather than rushing the process. Finding the best law firm for you may take time especially if you have a complex case. Do your research so you can feel confident in your decision. It is much better to be sure of your choice rather than doubt it throughout the entire already-stressful process.

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