Quick Statistics Tips to Immediately Improve Your Betting Results

Sports betting is a tricky thing. And unfortunately, bettors are often putting wagers without enough analysis. We can’t stress how many profitable bets are wasted that way daily. And if you are not a bettor with 10+ years of experience, it probably regards you too.

How do you get out of the losing-bet rabbit hole? The internet is full of ineffective advice. Like for example, buying someone’s predictions. This may seem easy and practical to increase your wagering win rate. But in reality, you are giving the fates of your stakes in someone’s hands. And why should you trust them? What if they are wrong?

We offer you to take complete control over your stakes. In fact, it is not as challenging as you might think. You just need to figure out how to use statistics for your bets. And this article will teach you everything bettors must know about it.

Why Does Statistics Matter?

What is the single thing that your bet is based on? The knowledge regarding an upcoming event (statistics is basically this knowledge, however, more structured). Just a few decades ago, gathering it was almost impossible. But in the modern world, knowledge is an accessible resource thanks to the internet.

And so, it would be a sin not to acquire and use it. As it directly correlates to how well you understand an upcoming competition. And if you understand it well, the chances you’ll make a correct bet are much higher.

What is an Important Pre-Match Knowledge (Statistics)?


Everything that can possibly influence the match’s outcome is considered a part of statistics. Bettors who are starting out use the banalest form of statistics: bookmaker’s odds. However, there are many more things to consider. For example, physical and mental competitors’ states, team rosters, personal skills, previous performances, etc.

Where Do You Get These Statistics?

As we already said, the internet is a comprehensive tool to get any knowledge you want. And thus, you must research the most important pre-game info before making any bet. Where exactly should you look for the information? It depends on what kind of it you need.

For example, if you need to examine the previous team’s performances, you can simply watch their match history. But that’s a silly way to do it. You will get much more information if you watch match replays. Don’t have time for that? Then use short reviews of the matches. They are usually very information dense.

Another cool way to acquire betting statistics is by tracking the team’s/player’s blog. Almost any prominent sportsman has it. In it, you will see all sorts of information: about athletes’ training pieces, roster changes, and much more.

GGBet Bookmaker

Previously we said that obtaining statistics from the bookmaker is a banal thing. It may be. But it doesn’t mean that it is ineffective. Especially if you use a bookie that focuses on pre-game research and analysis.

Bookmaker is one of the leaders in that. However, it is not only an excellent website to analyze the odds but a fantastic platform to bet on. Due to such accurate odds, you will never be deceived for a penny. And each of your wins here will be rewarding enough.

You can even use GGBet’s odds as a reference point for your statistics. But remember that there are always exclusions.

In addition, GGBet has the following benefits:

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Organize Knowledge Into Statistics


The things we’ve been talking about previously were raw pieces of knowledge. You need to give them a proper form to use them: turn them into statistics. One of the best ways to do it is through some kind of table.

You need to create your own cheat sheet (or take someone else’s), which you will fill with a match regarding information. And thus, before each competition, you must have two tables representing both competitors.

Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to throw such tables out once they are used. It would be better to elaborate on them with new information. It will be beneficial for long events where teams perform many times.

How to Use Tables With Statistics?

Utilizing such statistical tables is very simple. You just look at the stats of opposing teams and try to predict who gets the win.

At this stage, it is important to prioritize stats. For example, thinking that one team beats the other due to its stronger mental state is irrational. Especially if its opponent is much stronger skill-wise.

We suggest you create tiers of the stats. For example, the “previous team’s performances” is top tier. We suppose that it will significantly impact the match outcome. While something like the “pieces of training” is less critical, but still pretty high in the tier list.

Sharp Your Statistical Skills


There is no better way for you to learn how to use statistics than to start doing it. You don’t necessarily have to fill huge tables with stats at once. It can be something much more modest. For example, analyze just a few pre-game factors and turn them into stats.

Use this approach a couple of times, trying to achieve some results. If the bet you made using stats was victorious, consider what statistic led to it.

Or maybe you lost? Then it is another opportunity to learn. Thoroughly examine the match and find what could change your bet’s outcome. And then try to pay more attention to it in the future.

And that way, using losses and wins as building blocks, you will develop your own betting approach with statistics. And once you do so mindfully, you will be impressed with how many more wins you get.

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