5 Tips for Customizing Your Phone’s Ringtones and Notification Sounds

We live in the era of technological advancements and innovations, which is why we can now change almost every feature of our smartphones. Don’t like how the theme looks? Change it. Is the keyboard layer too difficult for you to get used to? Opt for another one. But, what about the ringtones and notification sounds, can you change them?

To answer this particular question right away, yes, you can completely change the ringtones and notification sounds on your smartphones, and luckily for all individuals that are thinking about doing the same thing, the article below could help you. Here are 5 tips for customizing your phone’s ringtones and notification sounds:

1. Choose From The Sounds & Tunes That Are Already on Your Device


The very first thing that you could opt for doing is to choose a sound or tune that is already available on your device. Although not completely customized, doing so will ensure that, for example, you don’t have the same ringtone as someone else that is using a Samsung device. After all, every brand has a specific and universal ringtone that is pre-set, hence, if you want to change it, simply opt for another one straight from the list you can see.

For instance, if you use a Huawei phone, you’ll need to head to “Settings”. From there, find the “Sound & Vibrations” category, click on “Phone Ringtone” or “Notification Sound”, choose from the list that’ll be displayed, and you’ll be good to go. You can even go to “More Sound Settings” that’ll enable you to change the tunes for the keypads, screen lock, screen touch, and of course, the vibrations for each of the features.

2. Edit Your Favorite Song + Make it Into Your Ringtones


One of the best ways to personalize your phone is to edit your favorite song and use a shorter version of it as your ringtone. There is a wide range of programs, online platforms, and applications that you could use for this, all of which will allow you to download audio files, edit and cut them, and then, you can set it as your ringtone, notification, or you could even choose to set it as your alarm or alert tone.

Now, you should know, this can be literally anything – from the audio taken from a film to the theme song of your favorite TV show, all the way to quotes from movies, there are endless possibilities. Keep in mind, if you don’t know how to use these editing tools, there are various tutorials and how-to guides that you could find online, hence, if you have no idea where to begin, take a look at some guides that’ll help you.

3. Use a Sound Platform For Choosing New Tunes


Just as there are programs and applications that you can use for editing your audio files, there are also platforms that’ll provide you with hundreds, if not thousands of tunes to choose from. Platforms such as will provide you with a chance to preview different sounds before downloading and using them, hence, if you don’t have an idea of what you could use, head to these sites and do some browsing.

Now, don’t worry, most of these websites will offer your free sounds, which means that you won’t have to pay for them. Instead, you can simply choose whatever sound you prefer, download it, and then set it on your phone. Of course, there are premium options out there, but if you don’t want to pay for changing the tunes and notifications on your phone, you should most definitely choose to use some free platforms.

4. Make it Fun!


If you want to make everything fun, you should choose to download or edit some audio files that’ll make you laugh every time someone text you, and doing this will most likely make everyone else around you laugh as well. There are so many options that you can choose from – from an evil laugh to a funny quote, all the way to a cat meowing or a dog barking, there are literally endless opportunities to make yourself and other people laugh.

Keep in mind, there is also a possibility for you to record different sounds. Hence, if you want to, you could, for example, record your boyfriend saying something funny or you can record your child laughing. From there, you can follow the steps we’ve mentioned in the first tip in order for you to assign the tune to a specific contact. Doing this will certainly make you smile and it could easily make your day at work a little bit less tense.

5. Update The Tunes For Your Contacts


What about assigning an evil laugh tune that’ll tell you that it’s your boss calling without you having to look at the screen of your smartphone? Or if it’s your mom calling, why not hear “Mother calling, answer now”? Each and every contact on your device can have their own unique ringtone, and by assigning different ones to each of your contacts, you’ll be able to know who is calling you without seeing the screen of your device.

Again, how you can change this will be different on each device, nonetheless, the principle is the same. You’ll need to open the “Contacts” app, and from there, click on the name that you want to assign a tune to. Press on “Edit” or press on “Ringtone”, and then, you’ll be able to choose whatever sound you want. For instance, I’ve changed the tune for my coworkers to be the same, hence, when someone from work is calling, I know that I have to answer as soon as possible.


If you want to make the tunes, alarms, and sounds from your phone more personalized and fun, one of the things that you could opt for doing is customizing your ringtones. Not only will this make everything more unique, but, you’ll be able to know who is calling or texting you without looking at the screen of your phone.

So, since you’ve now learned how you can customize sounds on your phone, as well as why you should do it, don’t lose time. Instead, you should determine what you’ll want to change, find or edit the tune, and then start personalizing the features on your phone – something that’ll provide you with a better experience and more fun experience.

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