How to Buy and Sell Parts at an Auto Salvage Yard

The auto salvage yard (aka junkyard or auto recycling facility) can be the ultimate deal house. Many people opt to visit a local facility like Tear-a-Part to purchase car parts or sell what they don’t need. Although finding an auto salvage business in your town will probably be simple, it’s important to understand how these places work so you’ll get the best deal possible anytime you’re buying used parts. This will also ensure you’ll get the best price if you’re disposing of auto parts.

Four steps involved in buying parts from a junkyard

Are you interested in selling or buying parts through an auto recycling facility? If so, follow these simple steps to ensure you get the best deal.

1. Compare quotes from different businesses


If you want to sell or buy car components in a salvage yard, the first step is to identify businesses to work with. You can easily find junkyards in your area through an online search. 

Before dealing with a particular business, however, make sure it’s reputable. Try asking friends or family members to recommend a good auto recycling facility for you. 

If you find negative online reviews about an auto recycling facility, avoid that business so you aren’t exposed to fraud or exploitation.

2. Choose your preferred dealer


The second step after doing ample research is to settle on your preferred business. When picking an auto recycling facility to buy components from, be sure to base your decision on concrete research or recommendations. After picking what seems like the best facility for your needs, it’s time to get in the car and see it for yourself.

3. Make a physical visit to the property


If you want to purchase parts from an auto recycling facility, take a visit to assess the quality of their products. If you don’t know what to look for in the components that you want to buy, ask for assistance. You could take a friend, family member, or mechanic with you to help you assess the components before purchasing them. 

If you want to sell your parts to a junkyard, make sure you’re well-acquainted with the market price. Selling car components separately to a junkyard often allows you to get more money than if you sold an entire vehicle as scrap.

4. Close the deal


The last step of purchasing parts from an auto recycling facility is closing the deal. Once you’re sure that the components you want to buy are in good condition and will satisfy your needs, get a price quote from the owner of the business. With the quote, you can negotiate for a better price or agree on the one that was stated.

Always make electronic transactions instead of paying in cash to minimize the risk of fraud. If needed, you’ll be able to use electronic money transfers as evidence down the road.

Four steps involved in selling parts to an auto recycling company


Follow these easy steps to sell your car parts to a junkyard.

1. Check your vehicle

When you want to sell parts to a junkyard, the first step is to inspect your car and identify the components you want to sell. You might need the services of an auto shop or a local mechanic to inspect your car and identify the components that could fetch good money.

2. Take an inventory of the parts you want to sell

Once you have inspected your car, the second step should be taking an inventory of the car components you want to sell to an auto recycling facility. Scrapping and disassembling a vehicle is a time-consuming activity, and you’ll need numerous tools to get the job done. 

You might be better off seeking professional help to disassemble the car. After disassembling the car, create a list of all the components you have and pick the ones you want to sell.

3. Seek customers for your parts

The third step is to contact local auto salvage businesses and inquire if they want to purchase your parts. Contact several businesses and request their quotes for different pieces. This will allow you to trade with the dealer who offers the best price for your components. 

You can even offer to take the components to the facility for inspection at no cost for interested buyers. You may also want to contact auto salvage companies who will readily give you an offer for your car components.

4. Settle on the best deal and sell your parts

The last step is to identify the business that’s willing to give you the best price for your parts. Once you’ve found the right buyer, close the deal and get the money for your products.

How to stay safe in a junkyard


Here are a few ways to stay safe when selling or buying parts in a junkyard.

1. Dress properly

When visiting a junkyard, the first safety measure is to wear the recommended safety clothes. A junkyard filled with car components can potentially be a dangerous place. Always wear protective shoes to protect your feet from sharp objects or falling risks. And regardless of the weather, always wear long pants or overalls.

2. Utilize safe lifting practices

Whether you’re selling or buying auto components, always stick to safe lifting practices. This is vital in ensuring that you don’t harm yourself or other users of the facility.

3. Stay sober

Never visit a junkyard while drunk. Drunk people often make poor judgments, and this could cause accidents in the auto yard. Some owners or managers of auto salvage yards might even prevent you from entering the yards if you’re drunk.

4. Carry the necessary tools

When visiting an auto salvage yard, bring any tools you might need to disassemble the components. Some businesses offer tools that you can use, but it’s always best to come prepared with your own toolbox.

Ready to start buying and selling car components at junkyards? Use these tips to stay smart and safe, and you’ll quickly find yourself saving buckets of money on used components — and hopefully making a few bucks by selling your own parts.

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