6 Affordable Places to Shop for Used Car Parts Online

Owning any sort of vehicle is a great feeling and something most people want to experience in life. Four-wheelers allow us so many beneficial things that it is often hard to imagine our lives without them, at least in terms of convenience and ease. Therefore, nearly everyone nowadays learns to drive as soon as they get the opportunity. However, actually purchasing your first car is a whole other thing and it can take time.

Once you get it, numerous doors open for you as you can now reach far places on your own, without the need to rely on public transport, friends, and family. You become your own person as the car you now have can take you wherever, whenever. Still, there can be many difficulties and challenges to owning a car that mostly has to do with maintenance. Caring for a vehicle comes in all sorts of ways, from cleaning to having it serviced by mechanics and one has to devote an equal amount of attention to all.

In this article, however, we will focus on spare parts, more precisely used parts that you can find for your vehicle. In the contemporary world, most of the shopping is done on the web, especially now that the world is experiencing a pandemic. With this in mind, the following is a list of the best and most affordable places where you can shop for used car parts. No matter what kind of car you have, from what year and what model, chances are you will find at least a few parts to choose from among these great websites.

1. UsedPart


If you are located in the USA or Canada and are in need of a certain used car part, there is no better place to browse for it than This amazing web page has everything you need, and all you have to do is look for and identify it. From air conditioning systems and accessories to important mechanical features like engine parts, exhaust systems, and brakes, UsedPart has it all. What is more, their range of supported manufacturers and models is staggering. They have an alphabetical list of a few dozen famous automakers for you to browse more easily. If you prefer browsing parts, you can do that as well, and best believe they have even the smallest things like wiper arms and ashtray lighters.

2. eBay


As one of the most popular shopping services on the internet, this auction website is great for finding quality used and spare parts for almost any vehicle. While many are generally hesitant to buy certain items from it as they get pricey, car parts are surprisingly affordable which is why a lot of people actively look for them even if they do not necessarily need them right away. Junkyards and mechanics like to restock their selections through eBay since it is easy to look for products from all over the world. Waiting times can be rough and you have to pay attention to the overall rating and reviews of sellers, but if you know how to use these services you can really score big and get exactly what your car needs. There will probably be more than one available, so do some research and evaluate each option thoroughly, from who is selling and from where, to how much they ask for shipping.

3. Amazon


Similar to eBay, the tech giant Amazon is one of the best, if not the absolute best place to shop online no matter what you need and how much of it. The e-commerce behemoth is the number one competitor of eBay, the main difference being that people usually go to Amazon to buy new and exclusive things because of its partnerships with major companies and brands, while on eBay you can find better second-hand and auction deals. Despite this, people have managed to find some truly fascinating and affordable spare parts on Amazon. This should not be a surprise considering the volume and extent to which they operate. They are a huge company, hard to grasp and wrap one’s mind around, so of course, they will have a used car part or two.

4. Car-Part


Also known as Junk Yard Search, it is essentially an online junkyard filled with all kinds of parts you can think of. They’re easy to use and the clean homepage allows you to quickly browse and find what you need, either through the usual means like carmaker or car model, area, or part. However, they also offer their users and customers to search by images, just in case you are not sure what the name of the thing you need is. Once you narrow it down it will be a breeze to shop for it and order it. Car-Part is among the most trustworthy and beloved online car part stores, so best believe they will come through whenever you need them.

5. Advanced Auto Parts


The fifth entry on our list specializes in spare parts that are the exact fit for vehicles. Usually, car owners tend to buy a part that fits regardless of whether or not it is the exact part they need. With Advanced Auto Parts, you can easily find exactly the model your car had once it left the factory line. Because of this, their parts are more expensive as they only deal with high-end products. They are so specific with their parts that you can browse the collection according to the engine type of your vehicle. They ship to most countries from their base of operations in the US. If you own a new model that you wish to treat well, it may be best to get the part it would benefit from the most, so make sure to visit them.

6. Rock Auto


If you perhaps want new parts that have never before been used, head on over to Rock Auto and search through their database. This independent website carries thousands of different parts and they always ship them rather quickly, within three or four business days. The web page offers all the best auto parts brands and their customer service is there to answer all of your questions efficiently and in detail. Price-wise, they are quite reasonable, both for the newer models and for classic antique vehicles.

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