Top 7 Best Face Concealers For Scars

Makeup is a tool that we usually use to highlight our natural features and make ourselves look more beautiful according to trends. However, it’s also an excellent alternative to cover imperfections of our skin or those marks and spots that we want to erase – like scars, for example. That’s why there are the bases of body makeup, which have high levels of coverage and can hide all those weak points. These can become a problem that causes insecurity in people, especially girls – however, fortunately, thanks to makeup, now you can hide most of them.

The concealers are essential to achieve good makeup, whether you want a glamorous style or a ‘washed face’ effect despite the traces that some things have left on your skin. In the market, there are different textures, tones, brands, and prices – the only thing you need to do is find the best one.

Finding the ideal one for scars as one of the most serious types of imperfections is not an easy task. How do we even get it to look natural? Or you’ve tried different brands of makeup and none of them managed to captivate your attention or do the job right? No worries – you only need to know a little more about all the possibilities you have. Keep reading and take a look at the options shown below so you can choose what fits you the most.

Vichy Dermablend 3D


Vichy Laboratories have formulated the Dermablend concealer, that is, a high coverage makeup base. With its continuous use reduces the imperfections of acne and scars that appeared due to acne problems up to 49%.  In the end, you achieve a flexible, soft complexion, with a 3D effect and with a 16-hour duration. Its components, such as salicylic acid and spirulina, lighten the skin, also visibly reducing the spots and leaving the complexion uniform and smooth.

In addition, it has been dermatologically tested, so it’s indicated for the sensitive epidermis and covers the pinkish appearance of the complexion. It’s available in seven shades such as opal, vanilla, nude, beige, sand, gold and bronze, which will give a matt and comfortable finish to your face.

It also contains a 30% SPF sunscreen filter index to protect, leaving it smooth and without a mask effect. The only thing you need to do is apply a really thin layer, let it dry and spread the coverage according to your needs. It’s that easy!

L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Crayon


This product has coverage that can be modulated, from light to complete, depending on the intensity and size of your scars. As it has a pointed tip, similar to that of a colored pencil, it can be used to cover from small dots to larger spots.

Despite being in the form of a bar or crayon, the product isn’t that difficult to apply, because it’s actually rather creamy. It’s not very hydrating, so if you decide to use it, make sure you’re using a good eye cream first because it tends to leave traces around the eyes. Or simply choose another more convenient foundation case you have really really dry skin.

It’s believed that this product may be the most suitable for the spots left by acne scars. It has a semi-matte finish and is really good for controlling the oiliness.

Max Factor Color Concealer


From the prestigious brand Max Factor, there comes a thing specially designed for skins with spots and acne, because of its thick bar format, but it works wonders with scars as well. It’ll allow you to focus only on imperfections and achieve a beautiful appearance.

Its formula, with its creamy texture, will cover the redness (if there’s any). It’s also indicated for all skin types and the use can’t be simpler since by its pencil format you can apply it directly on the problem area and spread it with a brush to give the face an equable and smooth appearance.

In the same way, it’s available in six beautiful and natural colors such as yellow, green, purple, pink, peach and also has a highlighter. Any of them will cover the inconveniences of your face, neutralizing and illuminating, so that you have a rested, healthy and perfect appearance.

Maybelline – FaceStudio Master Conceal and FitMe! liquid corrector


If you’re looking for a long-lasting option and at a low-cost price, this is the one you should choose. Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal is quick-drying and won’t come off at any time. It’s more than perfect.

Also, this company has another great product that could go great with this one – their Fit Me! concealer with ultralight texture and a non-greasy and natural finish. Great if you’re seeking a subtle effect for young skin.

Applying a thin layer gives very good coverage. It’s available in five different shades and you’re free to choose the one according to your skin color. For the coverage to last longer, it’s a good idea to apply Maybelline’s Fit Me compact powder after the liquid concealer to make it more effective. Yes, this brand rocks!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish


The company Rimmel London presents the Lasting Finish concealer, which hides the scars for the whole 24 hours, providing maximum comfort with its serum and leaving a smooth and flawless finish on your face.

Its formula is breathable, light and creamy and has a SPF 20, ideal to protect your complexion while concealing everything that needs to be hidden. You get a perfect and radiant finish throughout the day. The four available shades will adapt perfectly to the tone of anyone’s complexion and also make everyone look absolutely spectacular along with professional makeup wherever they go.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Waterproof


The Estée Lauder house presents the Double Wear Waterproof dual-use concealer, which is waterproof and long-lasting for 24 hours, hiding dark circles and skin imperfections such as cicatrixes and redness, so you get a radiant and professional makeup as well.

It comes with a pointed dispenser and a lovely, moisturizing formula with a creamy texture. This product is oil-free and has been ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested to give you only the best. Also, resistant to water and sweat.

In this way, the Double Wear Waterproof concealer has two levels of coverage since it conceals and brightens the dark circles, eliminating the appearance of tired eyes by smoothing its contour. This, along with its concealing power will make any type of skin look spectacular with any of its three shades.

La Roche-Posay – Cicaplast + Toleriane


Searching for a treatment to regenerate more than hide your scars? Well, search no more and get the Cicaplast repair cream from La Roche-Posay. It’s an accelerator of the triple action epidermal repair: repairs, has antibacterial properties and protects.

Stimulating the skin reconstruction barrier, this cream protects the skin thanks to its invisible silicon consistency and “dressing” effect. It’s excellent as a treatment for post-dermatological interventions such as minor surgery – a simple must.

Another small miracle of La Roche-Posay would be the Toleriane concealer brush which exists in four shades, from which you should definitely choose green in order to camouflage redness and cicatrixes.

Each one of us wants to always be seen with a perfect and lush tan. However, we know that sometimes things like skin discolorations and cicatrixes can be visible even through the best makeup. For this reason, the facial concealers have been created – support in the way of achieving a perfect face.

Choosing the perfect foundation will make the difference between a splendid face or one where impurities and small disfigurations result in an opaque and lifeless complexion. No more hesitating – your ideal one is waiting for you right there!

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