Why YouTube should Follow in the Footsteps of Other Streaming Services?

YouTube is otherwise known as the cesspool of the internet, millions of users interact on this video sharing service on a daily basis. Currently, YouTube is owned and controlled by Google and has millions of videos to view or interact with. The uploads on this site almost never stop, users continue to teem the site with thousands of videos every minute. If you happen to be a YouTube user then you already know about the nuisance it can create in the form of ads. It not only hinders your streaming of the ideas but can prove to be a mood killer at times.

Luckily for you there are a lot of different YouTube managers that you can find out there that can provide you with an ever immersing experience that you couldn’t get with YouTube at hand. These YouTube managers like have become so much popular that users are finally getting a hang of it as the features provided by these YouTube managers are over the moon. It takes care of the YouTube ads that show at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the videos, allows the users to interact with ‘picture in picture’ mode and many other things that YouTube simply can’t help them with. Some of these managers come with dedicated features installed into them that makes them a worthy try that you should be making here.

No need for installing microG


microG is a free and open-source Google intergradation that you need to download and install on your android devices for the sake of making the Google oriented services such as YouTube and Google Play Store to work on your device. But in this case of using this amazing app, you don’t need to download or install it.

These YouTube managers come with a built-in version of the microG which allows you to interact or deal with YouTube and other Google products such as play store in a harmonious way. If you are someone who had a very rough experience with various other so-called Google alternative services but then had to install microG for these to work, then you can truly relate to what is being addressed here. But with these dedicated YouTube managers, there is absolutely no need for you to go through installing a bunch of Google certificates for the app to work, it is working now and it will continue to work without tweaking things around.

Problems with YouTube at hand


Despite these apps that can help you to get a better experience of YouTube in general, there still happen to be some problems that need to be sorted out by the platform. It is great, however, apart from all that as you get to watch your favorite videos and browse a lot of media in real-time. But then again some improvements are to be done and it would be great if these could be rolled out by YouTube sooner than later as many users are separately waiting for these imminent fixes so they can enjoy the platform to its fullest.

Some other random glitches are surfacing for most of the people while using YouTube such as not being able to sync their data across multiple devices and having other authentication related problems as well. These problems can be user specific and extremely annoying to deal with but hopefully the future updates might take care of these problems once and for all.

Consistently crippling video ads


The most irritating thing about YouTube is that you have to view a lot of in-video ads and this almost kills the joy of continuing with the rest of your video. It has been among one of the most crippling aspects of YouTube that is singlehandedly enough to take all the thrill out of the equation for the users. But there are streaming services out there such as Netflix and HBO entertainment that provide paid subscriptions to their users for the sake of viewing content and streaming videos. These streaming services provide you with a real video streaming experience but minus the ads. There are no ads at the start, in between, or towards the end of the video and that is the most interesting feature that someone can hope for while streaming videos.

Of course, the service model is paid here but that is something YouTube can take some inspiration from. For example, if there are a few users out there who don’t want to see ads in the videos they play then YouTube should simply offer them an alternative paid model/version of YouTube where there are no ads to bother them anymore.

This paid model is the reason why you get an ad-free experience and these streaming services are only making themselves more consistent and better with every passing day.

Playing videos in the background or picture in picture


Most of the time you want to listen to your favorite music while working on your desktop or on your mobile device, but that is just not possible on the YouTube app. Because whenever you try to use your device and walk out of the YouTube app, you can’t listen to or watch your videos at all. Only when you stay on the YouTube app, you would be allowed to listen to your favorite music or watch YouTube videos.

Many video streaming services allow the user to back out of the app or the video that they are currently playing and manage other work they have on their mobile. Talking about Netflix alone, it allows the user to view their video ‘picture-in-picture’ while they are busy doing something on their mobile phone. Although these are the paid service models but at least have the decency of offering their users such bright and on-point services. YouTube should definitely follow in the footsteps of these video streaming services and try to provide users with an innovative and truly remarkable experience. Even if a few things on the list could be corrected or initialized by YouTube, it will bring a lot of change towards the perception of YouTube among the eyes of its users.

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