Complete Guide to World of Warcraft Gold, Where to Find It, and How Much to Spend

Do you spend too much time on your World of Warcraft gold grind? Do you want to find ways of obtaining precious resources?

You’re not alone. Whether for gear upgrades or just vanity items, acquiring gold can be a painstaking process.

This guide will show you how to obtain World of Warcraft Gold and the best alternatives to the traditional methods so you can get on with the game faster; for more details, click here. Now it’s time to proceed with this complete guide to WoW Gold so that no one will have more worries!

How World Of Warcraft Gold Can Save You A Ton Of Time & Efforts


That is a good question that many people have asked. Gold can save you tons of time by simply buying things with it. The game economy spins around its player, who trades items of all kinds for gold coins. The exact latter can be used to exchange for things they need and so on!

In that sense, the glittering coins can save you time and effort, which you usually have to put in to make your character stronger. For example, you can go to the auction house, and from there, you can buy the gear your character needs. That will make you stronger on top of that fast!

Another way is to buy materials needed for your professions – high-level ones. That will save you time from collecting them yourself, and all you have to do is use them. From there, you can, later on, sell the crafts from your in-game profession to earn more gold and repeat the process.

Overall, the gold can easily save you time and effort in the thriving Azeroth, like other games. Where players do all sorts of activities to obtain it. The needs of others can cover the needs of some. And even the things players do not need can be used for someone else. That makes the way the economy works even more effective. And allows you to quickly find the gear, materials, or consumables you need without spending hours and even days!

How to get Gold in World of Warcraft

There are numerous ways of obtaining it. As you already know from above, one is simply by selling your craft. For example, the crafting skills you develop with your profession can serve you as a gold income stream. That, however, goes as long as you can produce something that other players need. For example, high-level items, gems, potions required, or others.

Another way is to join raids, get items, and then sell them in the auction house. This one can be sort of time-consuming but is fun and worth it. Especially given that you can get an item you need for yourself on these raids!

If you are more into mob hunting, you can find rare mobs with a team of friends. Kill them and take the drops, then sell them and repeat. It will help if you know their locations, so do some research before starting.

Another option is to farm materials, this is not the most popular one, but it is profitable. In that one, we even include mount farming. That is because tons of players collect all sorts of mounts in WoW and would be ready to pay tons for the right one!

There are many other possibilities for gold, but all of them take time. The best advice is to find one you would love to do and then take on it. If you think you’ll have a hard time with a specific gold-finding option, just move on to the next one!

Alternative Ways of Getting WoW Gold


The best alternative to obtaining gold in the game will be buying it. According to Blizzard, now we know that is illegal, but there is nothing more that we can find as an alternative. It is well known that many players tend to use this option as it is the most time-efficient one. It will save them tons of time and effort with a few clicks while it costs real-life money.

You have to be very careful of a few things for this alternative way. The first will be the vendor you find, and the second is not to get banned from the game!

When it comes to finding a vendor, things can be tricky simply because many are nowadays. That is why we advise you to stick to reputable ones known by people and have a good reputation! If you do so, things will be safe.

If you find a good one, getting banned is way too low, totally minuscule. But if you decide to try something shady, like buying from a random in-game person or forums. Well, you can say bye-bye to your account as Blizzard will probably notice and ban you. Buying from a good vendor on their website is far more secure than the random ones!

There are but a few tips you have to follow if you stop on this way of obtaining gold:

• Make sure the gold vendor is legit – check the reviews!
• Never talk about buying gold in the game!
• Always make sure you buy it for your region, server, and proper character name!
• Use Paypal as the safest payment method.

If you pay attention to these things, you will be fine. However, if you encounter any problems, contact the support of the vendor’s website and see if it is resolvable.

How Much Do I Need To Spend To Get Enough Wow Gold For Anything?

Good question! It depends, for example, is it time you wish to spend or money?

It may take a few hours to sell a significant item in the auction house if it is time. To up to a few days of grinding or rare mobs or doing dungeons. That is why many players prefer faster options if they need the gold asap.

On the other hand, when it comes to the alternative and spending money. It can depend on the vendor offers, and usually, for ten thousand, it will be around 0.60 to 0.90 euro cents based on the server!


Now that you have read everything, you can make a more educated decision on whether you will take the time-consuming option of obtaining gold or the easier one. But, of course, it all depends on how much time you have and if you find joy in bringing the coins. Because if you enjoy the process, then it is all fine, but if you don’t and do not have time, you know what to do.

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