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5 Reasons to Use a Resume Writing Service in 2024

Most often than not the initial steps in the job seeking process include completing an online application in conjunction with submitting a resume and cover letter. A resume is a document that is utilized by an individual in order to provide information regarding their educational and career background, as well as relevant skills and accomplishments.

As important as obtaining a job interview may be, the first step is to provide a strong resume to catch the attention of the employer. The caveat remains that, despite how qualified an individual is for a position, if their resume does not reflect those positive attributes and accomplishments, they are likely to be overlooked. Resume writing services like ResumeGo work with varying levels of employment in order to provide a quality, appealing, and comprehensive display of an individuals work history, relevant skills, and premier accolades. Below are five reasons why it is beneficial to utilize a resume writing service.

  1. More than just a resume

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Often the most tedious part of the resume writing process includes writing and formatting the job specific cover letter/resume and developing an appropriate thank you/follow-up email. With some positions having thousands of applicants, it is important that an individual’s resume and supplemental job application information stand out. Fortunately, most resume writing services provide services beyond creating and formatting resumes including creating targeted cover letters, executive biographies, interview guides, and thank you letters. This will assist in providing a comprehensive application from start to finish.

  1. Speed up the job finding process

Resume writing and cover letter development are arguably the most tedious and time-consuming component on the job application process. Ideally, those seeking a position with a company or organization want to be one of the first individuals to apply for a position. Typically, this is within five to seven days after the initial job position posting. Thankfully, resume writing services often have a very quick turnaround process averaging two-four days for a more blanket resume or one week for a job specific resume (including draft and consultation). Knowing this, clients can feel confident in submitting quality work in a short period of time.

  1. Ability to overcome “the screener”

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“In 2009, Infosys, the largest IT outsourcing companies, received more than 1.3 million job applications whilst only hiring 13,000. Screening was a critical component throughout this hiring process.”

Despite the image developed in our heads, the resume reviewing process is not conducted by an HR representative shifting over thousands of resumes by hand. Conversely, companies utilize programs, referred to as “screeners” in order to assist in the process of “weeding out” unqualified applicants. With technology not readily available to the public, resume writing services can identify which key words and essential skills are necessary to list in a cover letter/resume to get past the initial screening process. Moving past this process is the first step in obtaining an interview with that organization or company.

  1. Ability to address the gaps

Often individuals may have points throughout their life where they are not actively in the workforce. For example, those who decide to become full-time stay-at-home parents will naturally have gaps in their employment. Similarly, those who do freelance work may have a difficult time articulating reasons for inconsistencies in work history. This being the case, resume writing services provide professionals who are able to smooth over uneven work histories, all while pulling out positive professional characteristics.

The same goes with other situations. If you’re looking to switch careers or not sure what type of job to look for next, a resume writer can often provide clarity and guidance with that. Just keep in mind that there are also career coaches out there too, and you’ll want to weigh out the benefits of going with them or a resume writer.

  1. Consultation and collaboration opportunities

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“Resume writers have to stay abreast of trends in the recruiting landscape by engaging with HR and other industry professionals, as well as digging into the trove of material being published about job.” -Alex Twersky

In retaining resume writing services, customers are most often paired with very skilled writers familiar with the consumer’s industry. This being the case, those who develop and review the application information can provide insight into the qualities that assist that resume in standing out. Resume services have professionals who work with each client individually to produce documents that reflects the essential skills needed for the position.

  1. Getting the help of a professional

At the end of the day, resume services can help you get the job because the resume writers they employ know the ins and outs to how to write an effective resume. Just like how you are an expert in the field you’re in, resume writers are experts at what they do. As an individual, it’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve never been the best writer or you simply don’t know the proper way to construct a professional resume, then sometimes it’ll just make a lot of sense to get professional guidance on this area.

Remember just how important your resume is. It’s not something you want to just put your best effort forward with and hope for the best.

The Final Take

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It is very important to note that any individuals looking to receive resume writing services take the time to research the company or individual looking to employ. Just as employers review resumes for prospective employees, an individual looking to receive resume writing services should examine and compare the consumer ratings, pricing, services, and any guarantees. Prospective job applications should not hesitate to contact individuals and/or companies to ensure their services are a good fit for their needs.

The process of obtaining an interview, despite being one of hundreds of applicants, is a daunting one. Employers are looking for qualifications, traits, and skills in their prospective employees that may be very specific to their field. Professionals through resume writing services have the insight and tools to assist in articulating an individual’s skill set in a compelling and engaging way. Utilizing resume writing services is the first step an individual can take in enhancing their ability to secure employment in their desired career field.

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