Why Bitcoins Have Value?

Bitcoin is offering a really efficient way of transferring money that is done through the internet and it is controlled by a decentralized network. It is so efficient that the only thing you need to wait for is the conformation of selling your Bitcoin on the global market. After then you are going to be able to receive your Bitcoin. It presents a perfect alternative to central banks who control all of the money that is transferred through them. Naturally, Bitcoin has a set of very transparent rules that have to be followed in order to successfully navigate through the market.


There is a lot of talk and uncertainties about how the price of Bitcoin is set. We thought about how the price of this popular digital currency would look at different levels of widespread adoption. However, in this article, we are going to try and calculate the medium to long term value of Bitcoin. Our aim to help our readers to try and calculate their own projections when it comes to the value. Without further ado, let us begin.

Firstly, bitcoin value is derived from its medium of exchange use and the store value that is achieved over time. This is based on the assumption that something that is going to be used as a store value needs to have an intrinsic value. If it doesn’t achieve its purpose as a medium of exchange, it wouldn’t have any use and no instinct value. Naturally, that would mean that it won’t be as attractive as a store of value. After that, it is important to point out that the supply of this digital currency is specified until it reaches 21 million, and after that, the production is going to stop.

You should know, our dear reader, is that the Bitcoin become so popular in the last decade, that people started creating their own Bitcoin communities in order to navigate through the market easier. If you are interested in this topic a little more, you should visit

We are pretty sure that you know that Bitcoin gains more and more legitimacy through the years. Larger scale investors and countries that are accepting or adopting. Throughout the years, we think that the possible volatility is not going to be the element that is going to present some kind of block to the future adoption of Bitcoin throughout the world. We personally think that the value of this digital currency is always going to be driven by speculative interest.


Bitcoin can be represented as a bubble that has pretty drastic run-ups and excitement of media attention because of its so-called controversy. However, we think that all of those speculations that are surrounding this cryptocurrency are going to fade as the adoption increases around the world. The last thing we want to talk about in this article of ours is that this, and probably the majority of digital currencies are not going to be a part of any reserve banking, which means that they are going to be fully supported by themselves.

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