Is It Cheaper To Buy Things Online With Bitcoins?

As the name suggests, Bitcoin is a form of currency. Apart from the fact that it has many forms, such as, investments, trading stock or cutting edge systems that have the capacity of transforming the very idea of transaction in the industrial field, bitcoins were supposed to be a potential denominator of offline as well as online transactions without involving the government or banks.

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The question of whether it is cheaper to buy things online with bitcoins comes much later. There are a series of other relevant factors that you should seek the answers for. Here is a guide that will help you understand bitcoins and buying things online in their entirety. If you are willing to spend your bitcoins rather than investing or selling them, you have come to the right place.

How Is Cryptocurrency Bought, Sold, Or Used?


There are a number of inherent positives to preferring using digital currencies over fiat ones. However, most tokens are not being examined as a potential medium of exchange. Some of the queries that should be addressed before this are if you could spend these at all or what products or merchandise can be bought with bitcoins.

Even though bitcoins have not reached the stability to take over your current currency system, it is good news that there are certain brands and companies that provide bitcoin as an online mode of payment. Bitcoins have a long way to go before it becomes a widespread mode of payment but the obvious reasons because of which it is yet to be widely accepted is because of the labile nature of the prices and prolonged nature of transactions.

Nevertheless, here is how you use bitcoin.

Bitcoin And Virtual Wallet


Just like the fact that material cash maintains your anonymity while purchasing, bitcoin is designated to provide an anonymous mode too so that you can buy things while your financial records and other associated details are protected. However, in actuality, if you wish to buy or sell bitcoins, you must possess, what we call, a virtual wallet.

In order to get yourself a virtual wallet, you must provide some personal information such as your name, email ID, address, etc., meaning you will have to reveal your identity in order for you to avail yourself of digital currency shopping.

It is very vital for you to know that if somehow the company that provides you with a virtual wallet goes under or your coins gets stolen, you will have almost no resort which means that you will have to come to terms with the loss eventually with almost no hope for getting it back.

Bitcoin Purchase


As of June 17, 2024, the price of one bitcoin equals 38,676 USD. Undoubtedly, bitcoins are costly. Period. Here comes your rescue. Bitcoins can be bought in parts! Just as dollars can be divided into much smaller currency units, such as a dime or a nickel, bitcoins can be fractioned and smaller units can be bought with the smallest fraction known as Satoshi which equals 100 millionths of a coin. This might be vital information to know your wallet will charge you an amount designated as a bank transfer fee, as stated by BitcoinEvolution.

Local Bitcoin Purchase

Many new people using bitcoin are unaware of the fact that you can purchase bitcoins locally too. There are apps that let you meet other people in real space and time who are willing to sell bitcoin in exchange for money, something similar and identical to a transaction happening in craigslist.

Online Shopping via Bitcoin


There are only a handful of retailers who offer you the option of paying for goods in exchange for bitcoins. Even though such transactions are viewed with skepticism, it is important to understand that it is a safe way to buy and sell products with bitcoins and is not different from your usual purchases via credit or debit cards.

Advantages Of Bitcoin Exchanges

One of the advantages is that it provides user autonomy without any answerability to the middle man which is usually the government or the bank. Much like purchases you make with cash, it is totally up to you if you want to make a purchase or sell discreetly with no records. However, this does not mean that the transactions are not traceable.

Additionally, no authority will meddle in such transactions making such transactions based solely on the peer-to-peer type. Foreign purchases usually include a variety of other expenses apart from the price of the product you wish to buy. However, people who make foreign purchases with bitcoin suffer a very minimal fee for transactions.

Disadvantages Of Bitcoin Exchanges


Having discussed the pros of using bitcoin as a mode of transaction, it is equally important to lay bare the cons that are associated with the same. Even though buying or selling using bitcoins might not be very difficult and different from other everyday transactions, it is vital that you know that there are much more risks in a trade.

The other reason why people hesitate to use bitcoins for selling and buying is that the value of a bitcoin fluctuates very often and can increase or decrease in large margins. For example, as of June 17, 2024, one bitcoin is worth 38,676 USD whereas around a year back in the month of May 2024, one bitcoin was worth only 9428 USD.

Only a limited number of online retailers provide you with such an option. Its usage in buying and selling is very limited. Additionally, you can lose a lot of money when the value of bitcoins drastically takes a dip and since it does not fall under the authority of any bank, there will be no accountability or answerability.

So, Is It Really Cheaper To Buy Things With Bitcoins?


Since the launch of many cryptocurrencies, analysts have been digging into a number of bitcoin transactions that have happened over the years and its possible evolution as a transcontinental substitute for fiat currency. Unfortunately, studies have shown that there is a gradual decline of bitcoin exchanges since 2017.

Bitcoin exchanges reached its pinnacle in September 2017 which crossed over the 410 million USD mark. Just after a year in around the month of May of 2018, it took a dip at around 60 million USD mark.

Bitcoins, in the past, have been used to buy illegal merchandise such as drugs, weapons, etc. However, what people did not realise is the irony that since bitcoins were much affordable for people coming from all walks of life and much cheaper, the same is valued over thousands of dollars now. This is the main reason why people use bitcoins to invest and sell rather than using it as currency to buy off products.

The value and worth of bitcoins fluctuates. It does not matter if bitcoins make a cheaper transaction or not until and unless its value levels out.


It is not a matter of concern if the products that you buy with bitcoin are cheaper or costlier, what you should understand is that it is still in its budding age and even the best techno expert can not assure you about what the future holds for bitcoin as a potential fiat currency substitute.

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