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What To Do When Your Brand Is Looking For Influencers

You probably have realized how effective Instagram can be as a marketing tool. However, if you have been trying and trying to boost your brand’s account on your own by regularly posting, being active with your followers, sharing, liking, etc. but have been unsuccessful, it is probably time to look for influencers as a solution. Influencers have been a very powerful tool you can use to increase your brand’s reach and reputation.

To give you an idea of how much influencer marketing can help your business, it has been reported that for every dollar a company spends on an influencer, the brand receives at least $5 of media value. Keep in mind that about sixty percent of marketing agents have claimed that it is a difficult task to find the right influencer for their specific campaign.

This is why we are here. We can help you understand what you need to look for when searching for the right influencer for your business and marketing campaign.

Look for relevance

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A&E suggests, before you look at the statistics of a certain influencer, their follower numbers, and their activity, it is important to first find relevance with the influencer’s content and the message you are trying to spread. Check out their post history to find out what kind of content they produce. Just because you have found an influencer that posts about new and trending tech does not make them the best option to promote your new social media app. Or just because the person goes to the gym regularly does not make them the perfect option for your supplement product.

Are you looking for gym freaks, gamers, models, fashion lovers or cooking fanatics? Do you want a more straightforward type of personality when it comes to marketing or more subtle? These are some of the vital things you must pay attention to when choosing the right influencer for your brand.

If you can’t seem to find the right influencer for your business, then you can try out one of the many search sites. For reliable and effective searching, we recommend that you check out influenex.

No such thing as enough engagement

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Engagement is one of the most crucial things every Instagram account must master if they want to be successful with their feed. Engagement shows how much an influencer interacts with his/her followers. How often do their followers respond with likes, comments or shares?

You should always look for an influencer that is constantly engaged with their audience if you want a successful return on investment.

Do they post content regularly?

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There is a direct connection between how often a person uploads to their Instagram and the rate of return visitors to their profile. As with any other marketing channel, it usually takes multiple exposures to get someone to click on your content and visit your website.

When an influencer regularly posts and his content is always high-quality and consistent, the chances of their followers to return, like or share is much higher. Influencers who do not post regularly or frequently are at risk of losing their followers forever.

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