10 Wedding Fashion Mistakes You Need To Avoid

When it comes to weddings, it is not only young people who are tormented by what dress to choose for that important day. Sometimes guests and especially the godmother have a more difficult task – we need to shine, but we must not overshadow the bride. What are we allowed and what not to wear to the wedding? What are the fashion mistakes you need to avoid? We will try to find out.

Dress Code For Weddings


A wedding is still a festive event to which most guests come ceremoniously dressed. Men can’t go wrong with a suit or a combination of pants and a shirt, but women often make mistakes when choosing their combination. Yet men also have their missed fashion moments. Sometimes it’s just the wrong clover. What are we allowed to do and what not to wear on occasions like this? We are here to help you with our tips. So here are the fashion combinations you should avoid at weddings.

Wedding Fashion Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Although the rules on the clothes of wedding guests have been modernized – some norms are better not to exceed because you could provoke astonishing views of the environment and the newlyweds themselves. The guests are the guests, and the bride is the central person of the wedding. Therefore, fashion stylists emphasize that it is indecent to wear a white outfit by which the bride should stand out. Lovers of light shades are advised to beige, light pink, or sand color instead of white. Here’s what to avoid

1. Darker and goth look


Although the gothic look and various darker combinations can look urban and original on the street, at weddings they simply do not pass – at least that is what fashion stylists specialized in weddings, say. Although it is quite appropriate to opt for a black combination that usually looks very elegant – velvet or leather necklaces around the neck, metal rings, black nails, and intense smokey eyes are not a good choice for a wedding.

2. To appear in a white dress


When it comes to weddings, you know that the only white dress is already reserved! Let the young be unique, it’s her day. If you are attracted to bright materials, stick to the offer of creations or those in ivory, and leave the white lace for some fun.

3. Disaster in denim and poorly chosen socks


Rustic, relaxed weddings in an intimate atmosphere have been very popular in recent years, but regardless of the venue of the wedding ceremony, denim is simply banned, fashion experts say. Men often fall into this trap, believing that it is enough to combine jeans with a casual shirt, and very often with the wrong socks. Fashion experts, such as those from, claim that the trap called “men’s socks” is not only invaded by men on the guest list – but often by the groom himself. Not giving enough importance to this piece of clothing, men very often make catastrophic mistakes when choosing, which, especially in the case of the groom – gives a very bad impression. In this way, they discover how careless and uninventive they are, and with them, their partner will look overly well-groomed.

4. Barefoot debacle


Choosing good shoes is important, if not the most important part of the whole outfit. In addition to color and model, the heels must be as high as you can handle, not that you struggle in pain for the first two hours and spend the rest of the wedding barefoot on the podium. The ideal choice would be wearing shoes with a heel of four to eight centimeters.

5. Emphasis on cleavage


A nice, moderate cleavage is a trump card on every woman’s dress – but the one pressed so hard that the breasts “boil out” or the cleavage to the navel is inappropriate. Such an outfit will look vulgar and as a desperate attempt to get attention, stylists agree.

6. Business styling


A strict cut suit for women or a blue suit and a white shirt with blue stripes for men is a good choice for a business meeting – but not a wedding. It should be a celebration with a lot of dancing, and such an outfit leaves an impression of coldness and boredom.

7. Less is more with jewelry


Women may be tempted to dress up as wedding guests – but wearing a tiara and overdoing it with jewelry will leave an impression of fashion disaster rather than good taste.

8. Narrow, short, and tasteless


Miniskirts are not forbidden clothes at a wedding, but you should still pay attention to the length of the dress and skirt – and the extreme limit should be up to half of the thighs. If you opt for an ultra-short dress, then it must be a slightly wider cut, because otherwise, you will look vulgar.

9. Crinolines for the ball are also an exaggeration


Although formal, long dresses with a crinoline cut can look nice, they are not appropriate. No matter what model of dress the bride has chosen, and guests often can’t even know – lavish dresses are not a good choice. It is an unwritten rule that a wedding should be arranged, but not intending to attract attention by exaggeration.

10. Cheap details


Soaked hairstyles in the style of the eighties, a lacy white bra sticking out from under a white dress, combining multiple animal patterns, neon makeup, and similar details – will rightly secure you the title of worst dressed.

Wedding Venue Plays An Important Role In Dress Up

The place of the wedding party should be in your mind when choosing your clothing combination. It is not the same if the wedding is held on the beach, on a ranch under canopies, or in a restaurant. You should also adjust the clothing combination according to where the wedding will take place – because if you will be in the warm air all day, you certainly do not want something tight and black on you. Not only will you be uncomfortable, but you’ll look like you’ve strayed there at the very least.

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