VPS Guidance for the Beginner in VPS Hosting

Hosting servers has become more varied today. It happened because of the thriving of the internet users that always developed day by day. Website is no longer used as a personal blog like it was popular in the old days. Today, the website is a manifestation of an online establishment or second home in the digital universe. People are allowed to do various activities over the website in the digital world. It is starting from economic activities, entertainment, education, and many more.

Hence, various website hosting services can be the option to support the website hosting activities. All of the services are comprehended, and you can choose the suitable one for you based on your purpose, budget, and the capacity you can handle in the current condition. You can choose the cloud hosting server or shared hosting server for the personal, novice, and low budget service. You can use the advanced service from the VPS hosting server and dedicated server for the intermediate high use. In this article, we will not be going to talk about cloud, shared, or dedicated servers in the comprehended manner. The concentration of this article is the VPS hosting servers. You can find more information on VPSServer. We will talk about the definition of VPS hosting servers in the fundamental understanding, how VPS hosting servers work, and a bit comparison panel between the VPS hosting servers with shared hosting and the dedicated server. Let’s get started before we waste more time in the introduction session.

Virtual Private Servers – What the Beginner Needs to Know


Virtual Private Server is a website hosting server service that is commonly called VPS. Virtual Private Server or VPS is considered the perfect website hosting service that has the comprehended features that can bring the best hosting experience ever to its clients. Why? Because Virtual Private server can provide the best, fastest, and securest website hosting server service compared with the other website hosting servers out there such as Cloud hosting, Shared hosting, and colocation hosting sever. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is way more affordable than the Dedicated hosting server for the pricing aspect. Moreover, the Virtual Private Server (VPS) has the features named managed Virtual Private Server (VPS), which is known as the feature that assists in the website hosting server’s aspects. Starting from the monitoring process, problem-solving practice, advisory service, and protection assistance, make the data and files in your Virtual Private Server secure from any harm that potentially damages or steals the critical data on your database.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) has the subcategories under the service named as managed VPS, unmanaged VPS, Cloud VPS server, and SSD VPS server. Those Virtual Private Server services have their unique characteristics. They are described as the concentrated VPS service on the data center performance feature, data center accessibility, full-assistance, and the freedom to manage the website hosting services for your website development.

How Do Virtual Private Servers Work?


Before we talk about the mechanism of a Virtual Private Server (VPS), you need to know the true definition of Virtual Private Server. VPS is the manifestation of the virtualized computer with the capability to have a similar capability to the real physical computer that handles the server process procedure in making a website online. On the virtualized computer, you can also have the freedom to access and manage the virtualized server’s software, just like the normal physical computer. Some of the users are also changing their operating system (OS). For example, suppose now you are using the Windows operating system (OS). In that case, you can change your Windows OS in your virtual computer with Linux operating system (OS), and so do the opposite. This feature is the darling for most VPS users because it can give the best performance that can support the processes in the website hosting activity.

The virtual private server works as the server that makes your website online in the internet environment. In short, your website can be visible and reachable for most people around the world at any time with easy access. The mechanism in the hosting process in VPS hosting service can be described as:

  1. You or the internet users can call them the visitors and send the request to your website that can be described as the request to access the specific page or content in your website.
  2. After that, the virtual computer will receive the message or request signal on their system, which later will be processed for the further procedure before sending the required page or file back to the sender’s computer.
  3. Once the identification process is done, the virtual computer will be looking for the database’s required data. The process can be done in a second or more, depending on the system quality and the database’s hardware quality, and the processor.
  4. After all the required data is found, the data will be sent to the visitor’s computer and ready to be accessed.

These complicated procedures only happen in the second or microsecond duration based on the CPU quality and the data storage quality. In short, the better the component, the fastest performance will be given.

How Virtual Private Servers Compare with Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting


Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting server is the champion among its competitors in the website hosting area, such as shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Compared with shared hosting, VPS is having the best performance, speed, protection, and accessibility because VPS is providing the dedicated resource and powered with high-end technology that is able to push the performance of a server to make a website experiencing the best performance ever to fulfill the visitor’s positive user experience (UX). While for the comparison with a dedicated server, Virtual Private Server (VPS) is providing affordable pricing for the people compared with a dedicated server. What about the performance? The performance shown by VPS hosting servers is almost similar to what the dedicated server is able to provide, such as the singular use of the server, private space in the server, and also the assistance in all aspects.

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