Digital Business 101: Top Practices for Driving More Online Traffic to Your Website

Regardless of what your business might be, selling shoes online or offering software consulting services, you need online traffic to keep your operations running. Driving more traffic is the core mission of countless digital businesses today.

Although there are numerous ways to do it, most entrepreneurs still struggle to accomplish this goal. The overwhelmingly competitive business landscape doesn’t help either. Whatever idea you come up with, chances are your competitors already did it.

Investing time, effort, and resources in setting up your digital operation for business is just the tip of the iceberg. Driving traffic and ensuring steady growth are probably the toughest challenges you’ll face along the way.

Website traffic is necessary to expand your operations into new markets, attract new customers, increase conversions, and ensure more sales. One of the surefire ways to generate more traffic to your digital business is to optimize your website for SEO and mobile, but there are many other things you can do to increase web traffic. Read on to find out more.

Tap into paid ad campaigns

Your business expansion journey starts with building an ideal buyer persona. Before you begin growing your operation, you must understand your ideal customer and their needs. This knowledge would allow you to get your products and services in front of the target audience that seeks brands like yours.

Paid social media ads are among the most effective ways to tap into millions of potential prospects, present them with tailored, targeted ad campaigns, and generate more qualified leads. The best social media platforms for paid ads include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google.

Let’s briefly touch upon the benefits of each network:

• Facebook ads – allow you to target prospects with automatically generated ads based on age, income, location, shopping preferences, etc. You can create dynamic ad campaigns to fix abandoned cart rates by ensuring your previous customers keep coming back to your website.
• Instagram ads – create ads as stories, collections, carousels, videos, and images to engage with your followers and connect with your target audience through an Instagram Business account.
• Pinterest ads – get your products and services in front of wider audiences by pinning your posts to the top of the users’ search results with Pinterest’s Promoted Pins.
• Google Ads – although a bit different than social media advertising, Google can do wonders for your website traffic by advertising your brand directly to internet users actively searching for your business niche.

As the largest search engine on the internet, Google can help you increase your web traffic and sales by advertising through YouTube ads, pay-per-click ads on Google Display Network, and search ads (SERPS).

Paid ad campaigns can help you build brand awareness by addressing your customers’ immediate needs and establishing meaningful connections with your target audience.

Harness the power of social media

Most digital businesses wrongly believe that social media engagement and marketing involve nothing more than sharing articles and links across popular platforms. However, there’s much more to social media than just hoping that users will flock to your website.

Brands must invest in driving enthusiasm and excitement about their products or services. Social media marketers dedicate long hours to responding to customers and encouraging conversations with potential prospects to gather their feedback and impressions.

Since different social media channels cater to unique demographics, you should tailor your social media marketing approach accordingly. Instagram and LinkedIn gather both regular and business users, while Twitter is more suitable for connecting with influencers.

Each of these approaches gives you opportunities to gather more customers. In addition, social media platforms also allow you to drive more traffic to your website by running giveaways, promotions, and contests.

Such powerful incentives drive users to share your content, getting your brand in front of a wider audience and increasing your chances of sending more customers down the sales funnel.

Fire up SEO to increase your brand visibility online


None of the efforts mentioned here will work if internet users can’t find your brand online when searching for similar products or services. Getting your business among the first five results on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing is a surefire way to send more potential prospects to your website.

However, your ranking on a search engine results page depends on SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to the process of optimizing your website metrics to rank it higher in search results. It operates by matching your website’s content to the relevant keywords in users’ search queries.

However, manually fine-tuning your website to abide by the regulations of search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google would require tremendous time and effort. Therefore, you should consider using top-grade SEO service providers.

SEO companies such as Firestarter SEO offer all-encompassing online marketing services such as the best mobile, local, and on-site SEO practices, website and conversion optimization, content creation, link building, and more.

You get an all-in-one solution for improving search engine rankings, website conversions, and growing your business. You should also add guest posting to your SEO mix, as it can also increase your SERP rankings and boost referral traffic by generating backlinks.

Research your industry and market to discover authoritative websites. Explore their content to ascertain its accuracy, quality, and relevance to your brand. Tap into their guest posting guidelines and reach out to them to see if they’re willing to promote your brand on their communication channels.


While these solutions could help your website see more traffic, yielding the wanted results will take time. You’ll probably need to make adjustments over time until you find the best practices that work to your advantage.

Paid advertisement, authoritative brand presence on social media, relevant content, and SEO are all vital to your business growth. These methods will also help you experiment with different tactics to see what works best for your target audience.

More importantly, you can track and analyze various metrics to measure your performance and ascertain the areas that need improvement. Implement all these practices into your digital marketing arsenal and establish an omnipresent, customer-centric brand that no business can rival.

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