Not Only Hosting and Orbiting: 7 Draining Relationship Trends

No one will be surprised to hear that modern relationships between young people often start on social networks. Now every second person uses dating apps and sites even to find interlocutors and friends. When it comes to finding a partner for sex or more serious romantic relationships, the first thing we think about is online dating. In this regard, new and incomprehensible concepts arise, such as ghosting, orbiting, mosting, and even gatsbying. Today we will sort it out and try to tell in detail about seven new trends in communication between opposite sexes and not only.



Let’s imagine a situation — a girl and a guy met at one of the most visited platforms for quick dating, let it be escort service Dubai. They sweetly talked about themselves. Then they made an appointment. The date was perfect. In real life, it turned out that the guys have many common interests, they are engaged in similar professional activities — she is an interior designer, and he is a website designer. She loves jazz, and she is inspired by the sounds of the saxophone.

And that’s all. Complete silence. Neither Friday nor Saturday and even a week later, there is no news from the new acquaintance. The girl begins to worry and writes to him. It is interesting that he reads everything, but doesn’t write a word in response. It is a typical example of ghosting. A person makes new acquaintances, has a pleasant time in the company of a woman/man, and then turns into a ghost and completely cuts off all communication. At the same time, the person doesn’t block the possible chosen one, reads all messages, and completely ignores them.

What if you are a victim of ghosting? Psychologists recommend concentrating on the following three simple rules:

  • Don’t expect feedback or excuses for silence.
  • Don’t blame yourself. Stop looking for your possible flaws. You have enough features that will still be appreciated.
  • Accept that the person won’t return. Even if he/she suddenly appears, after a few months, you shouldn’t go for repeated contact. Most likely, this will only aggravate the situation and give you new painful emotions.



It is an even more brutal version of ghosting. When meeting on social networks and applications, the monsters diligently shower their victim with compliments about her beauty, a special fascinating inner world, and a gorgeous figure. Therefore, young inexperienced girls are most often exposed to most.

Then everything happens according to all the traditions of ghosting. A meeting, maybe even a few dates. The guy continues to pour out compliments and convinces the chosen one of her exclusivity and originality. He can start promising to arrange a joint vacation on the paradise of tropical islands with the only beauty queen in his life. But no. There will be no bright prospects. He just goes into complete ignorance.



Orbiters are the same ghosts and monsters, but with a habit of suddenly reminding victims of their existence. So, you have already forgotten to think about an unpleasant acquaintance, and he/she unexpectedly puts alike under your last picture on the social network. What a twist! In this case, no messages or comments are usually followed. The orbiter is hiding and waiting for your reaction.

The solution is ridiculously simple. If this behavior makes you feel bad and evokes unpleasant memories, then block the annoying person. Usually, this is where it ends. Although often orbiters register new pages and follow their victims from there.



Remember the story about the lonely but rich gentleman Jay Gatsby? He regularly arranged grand parties, secretly hoping that the love of his life would find out about them and pay a visit. So, the modern followers of the young man went even further. They use social networks to the full so that a potential partner will pay attention to them. This is more typical for girls. Although some guys also sin in this way of drawing attention to their person.

Usually, gatsby use pictures from parties, resorts, hugging their companions, etc. In addition to visual manifestations, they actively use verbal forms. We all came across stories and statuses on social networks, with the help of which the war for the desired object is being waged.



A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. The meaning of the strange trend becomes immediately clear. A guy or a girl is waiting for the ideal partner to appear in their life. In the meantime, they keep a few spare options that fall below the “super” category next to them.

How to understand that you have become a victim of a modern trend? A new acquaintance constantly postpones meetings, cancels dates, referring to being busy with work or a million other things. In principle, this is already enough to understand the whole essence of this person. If you are making an appointment for the tenth time, and it never happens, then you aren’t respected and your personality isn’t appreciated. After all, you have already canceled all other plans, refused to meet with your best friend, or abandoned a study project.



Two young people met on the Internet. They met in real life and had a good time together. Then a guy or a girl starts to disappear. Breadcrumbs respond to messages for a very long time and, in most cases, in a few words. Let’s say, you can receive a message containing the typical text: “Hello! How are you?” The recipient answers, perhaps even put his/her soul into it, and writes a detailed text about the latest events, his/her emotional state. In response, he/she receives nothing. At best, it’s an indifferent: “fine.”

Why do people do that? Most likely, this is some element of the game. The person keeps you at a distance but doesn’t want to completely break the connection. Perhaps you are an alternate option for them, in case of failure in the current relationship.



Here are a few characteristic features by which you can recognize stashers:

  • They cut or not upload joint photos;
  • They don’t introduce you to their friends and family;
  • In a telephone conversation with a friend, they don’t mention you, although you spent the whole day together.

In general, a person doesn’t disclose information to their environment that they are in a romantic relationship.

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