Tips For Using A Mathematical Approach For Sports Betting

When it comes to sports betting, all players are always looking to find new ways in order to increase their chances of winning and to ensure safe bets. In that process, they are considering all tactics they can find so they can achieve their goal. Betting can be very profitable if you know what you are doing instead of placing random bets and counting luck will be on your side. If you have the knowledge, developed strategies, and systems you can follow, you are halfway to take advantage of the odds and turn the game outcome in your favor.

The key to achieving this goal is patience, a will to learn, and most of all – a thoughtful calculation. Luckily, there are some mathematical approaches you can take advantage of and increase your winning chances. Of course, it is always essential to use every opportunity to practice. However, practicing in the gambling world will cost you a lot. Because of that, it is much better to start with free bet offers that websites like bookmakeradvisor suggest. They are an excellent place for every beginner that plans to become a professional.

After we made things clear, we can proceed to the main point of this article. Let’s take a look at some suggestions we prepared for you, so you can consider testing some of them. They are all based on mathematical calculation, so there is actually a formula based on which these systems work!

The approach of fixed betting profit


Let’s start with one of the simplest mathematical sports betting approaches you can try. More precisely, we are speaking about the strategy of increasing a net profit by a fixed amount on every successive bet. Additionally, with this approach, you can ensure that you do not lose your entire bankroll too quickly. Instead, you will provide yourself a profit on a long way. The only thing you will have to do is invest 3-5% of your overall bankroll each time when you bet and stick to it.

Approach called Martingale System


When it comes to the Martingale system approach, the primary principle is to recover any losses from the previous hand very quickly. More precisely, for every loss, you need to increase the stake by double. However, even though this approach sounds like a way to profit, we need to put into consideration that many bettors do not have an unlimited bankroll. In other words, every person who is losing will make a new deposit before he recovers.

Proportional Betting Approach


If you decide to try with a proportional betting approach, you should know that you have an opportunity to multiply your winning much quicker and to reduce your potential losses. These betting tips are now very popular among bettors because of the incredible effectiveness. It is even more popular than the fixed betting system approach that we first talked about in this article. The way these method works is very simple. The system provides a fixed percentage from the bettor bankroll. After that, it increases every bet by the same rate after every win.

Approach called Maria Staking


The tip we are going to discuss now refers to the financial strategy. More precisely, this strategy works on the principle of dividing the possible bets into three groups. Those three groups represent the odds of the game. We must note that this strategy can be used in any game. Let’ see how this exactly works.

For instance, if the odds of the game result are lower than 3.5, you should place 1% of your bankroll according to this system. On the other hand, if the odds are between 3.5 – 7.4, you should place 0.6% of your bankroll. Let’s go further, if the outcome odds are in the range between 7.5 – 11, you should place the stake of 0.4% of your bankroll. In the last outcome, if the odds of the game are above 11, you should not take the bet according to the instruction of this betting approach.

As a result, at the end of each day, the final financial situation is recalculated depending on the game result. If the bankroll has increased at the end of the day, the amount of every bet rises.

The Approach of Tank Attack


This strategy is very popular among players, and it is used on odds up to 1.5. The way this approach works is by dividing bankroll into several equal tank parts. Additionally, players are making bets according to the cycle of these tanks. After that, the player calculates the number of bets with each of these tanks. In that way, he actually calculates how much money he earned from each tank and whether the amount of money he earned matches the expectation of the player. When a player divides his funds into those several tanks, they ensure keeping their position safe from the losses of one tank by the other. In general, the player can continually play the game until his goals for the cycle are achieved.

Miller’s Betting System Approach


The last tip we prepared for you in this article called Miller’s Betting System refers to the financial staking formula. This approach is discovered by one American gambler called John R. Miller and logically, the system is named after him. For the ones who want to find more about the gambling strategies of this gambler, we suggest you read a book he wrote called a Professional Gambler. The odds that you can use this betting system are limited and strict in the range from 1.85 to 1.91. In general, the probability is split in half.

According to the Miller calculations, the ideal odds are fixed at 2.0. Logically, the bookmarks make their own margin with the odds. That means that players that want to decide on this move need to consider this margin in order to be effective. However, this system encourages the player to place a fixed amount of 1% of the bankroll on the initial stake. After that, the player should increase the bet after every game until he reaches 25%.

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