Beginner Tips for Learning Sports Betting Terms & Glossary

Betting is not an easy thing, and before coming to the betting world, it is essential for the new bettors to know about some important terms that might come your way.
Sports betting has become a new trend in people as it is exciting and attention-grabbing, and most people search to know more about it.

The new bettors need to know about the sports betting terms and glossary. The further article will educate you about the terminology and explanations of some essential terms you must know before stepping into sports betting.

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Important sports betting terms and tips:


• Underdog:

An underdog is a person or a particular individual who is likely to lose a specific bet. In simple language, we can say that an underdog is a person who is expected to lose because of their performance.

It is a pretty common term and is primarily used in all kinds of sports betting, and there are many ways to know who’s the underdog, and most of the easy ones are by looking at Moneyline bets. The bet on the winner of the game without considering the scores and the team or individual with the higher paying odds is known to be an underdog.



Just like the underdog, the favourite is also an easy term. Favourite are those people or an individual who is likely to win a particular bet. To be briefer, the choice is those who have the luck in their favour and the most likely outcome in the sports betting scenario.

You can easily bifurcate the difference between underdog and favourite as the favourite has the minus sign at the beginning of the odds.

• Action:

It is generally a term for your activities in sports betting like if you have bet on a particular outcome of a sports event, that simply means that you have action.

Action is a simple term that generally describes your activity during the betting process.

• Bankroll:

Bankroll is also a simple term; it is the amount you have, are left with, or set aside for betting. It is essential because you have kept particular money for the betting, and if you lose all on the first try, then it will suggest you take a break; it is an essential term because it does not allow you to go into any kind of debt.

• Point Spread:

A point spread, also known as the spread, is a betting number that is made or set by the oddsmakers in the books of sports that serves as a line between both of the respective teams. It is possible that both of the groups shouldn’t be the same in the aspect of skills and the oddsmakers mostly take help of spread betting to level up the playing field.

It works as an equaliser in comparing the respective teams. It is mainly used in football games, NFL and basketball. There are many other names by which point spread is known, but you can find it wherever you play the respective games.

• Bookmaker:


Bookmaker is also known as a bookie in informal slang or turf accountant. To work and facilitate sports betting, the bookmaker is made because for facilitating the game, there’s a need to appoint a responsible individual. He is the person who sets the odds, places the best, and he is also can be known as the middleman because he pays to the winning team or individual on behalf of other respective people.

They are the main people or person who is responsible for paying you the money, and he is the one that will take care of the money matters. The bookmaker cannot control the odds or outcome of winning; he is just responsible for facilitating the game and giving the money to the respective winner of the game.


Sometimes it might be possible that a situation comes that is a tie between both of the teams, known as Push. Basically, it’s a tie between the sportsbook and the bettor. In this situation, the bettor gets his money in return, and he does not lose any amount of money or juice.

Push is an important term to know because it can help you lose nothing if that situation comes. The Push is not a situation that comes repeatedly, but it is crucial to know before stepping into the sports betting world.

• Exposure:

Exposure is the amount of money that the sportsbook loses from an event of sports betting, and from the player’s perspective, it is the amount of money used to place a particular bet. It is essential to know about this specific term as it involves money matters.

Exposure is also one of the crucial terms that not is a term but also a tip for you to note so that if the term comes in the future, you must know about it and be well informed about it.


The tips and terms that are mentioned above are the foremost things that a person should know before going for sports betting. Sometimes the potential bettors are clueless about most things, and the terminologies are new for them, and no one wants to feel left behind because of some simple terms. These terms are essential and can also prove to be very beneficial for you so that you can be well informed about everything that is happening.

Betting is not an easy thing, and it involves a lot of things to become a good sports bet, and all these terms together make the sports betting. The tips, along with the terms, will help the beginner to have a gist about what terms he will be going through when he is in the sports betting world.

Now you will not feel clueless when you are in sports betting and can be confident enough to enjoy and do betting without any problem.

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