Differences Between American and European Roulette

If you are a roulette player or familiar with roulette wheel game, you may know that there are different types of roulette wheels: European roulette, American roulette, double ball roulette, french roulette, rapid roulette, multi-wheel roulette, and many more. Out of all, European and American roulette wheels are the most popular and are often compared with each other.

In several aspects, European roulette is considered better than the American roulette wheel. Due to that, several first-time players and even some intermediate players are curious about what makes European roulette better than an American wheel game. In order to give the possible reasons, we are here with this post.

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European Vs. American Roulette: Various factors and differences


Here, we will compare the features of both American and European roulette so that you can get an overview of the major differences between these two wheels.

Wheel Format:


One primary difference between both versions of roulette is the layout or wheel format. The European wheel consists of 37 boxes, and each pocket will have one number from 0 to 36. The American wheel format has 38 pockets and is quite similar to the European wheel. However, it retains an extra box, which contains double zero.

The European wheel comes with a single green number, which is the “0” box. In American roulette, you can see both “0” and a “00” pocket. Due to the extra 00 pocket, there might be a slight decrease in the winning chance. Apart from that, both these wheels have 18 black squares and 18 red boxes and the player can wager on any box. It indicates that if the player selects any black or red number, the winning chances are x35.

Bet Types:


Both roulettes will allow you to put wagers on any number. You can also bet on any odd or even number, and it stops on a red or black box. In addition to that, you can set a wager on high or low numbers, a group of specific numbers, columns, and so on.

House Edge:


Another primary difference between the European roulette wheel and the American one is the house edge. Keep in mind that this is also one crucial factor that pro users consider while selecting the roulette wheel to play.

In the European roulette format, the house edge is nearly 2.7%. It is because there is only one “0” on the table, which gives decent winning chances for the users after putting the bet. If we talk about the American wheel, it generally features a house edge of approximately 5.26%. It is nearly twice the average house edge of European roulette. One reason for that is due to the fact that the American variant appears with the “0” box and “00” box. It implies that when the user puts a wager, there are higher benefits for the house.

As you know that the payouts technique is similar in all types of roulette variants, users possess more possibility of winning in the European roulette wheel. Plus, the house edge is relatively lower compared to the American variant. The probability of gaining a victory in a European wheel is 1 out of 37, and in American roulette, it is about 1 in 38. Hence, if your ultimate goal is to get a profitable win, it is better to stick to European roulette.

Some players might think that a single pocket would not make much difference in the winning chance. But, in the long-term play, this one pocket has the potential to specify whether you will get the win or not.

Return To Player Rates:


In the American wheel, if you put a straight bet, the payout will be 35/1, odds are 2.63%, the house edge is 5.26%, and the return to the player will be 94.74%. However, the straight bet in European roulette has a payout of 35/1, winning chances are 2.70%, the house edge is 2.70%, and the return to player rate is 97.30%.

Here is a brief view of the type of bet and the return to player rate in the American roulette wheel

• Straight – 94.74%
• Split – 94.74%
• Street – 94.74%
• Square or Corner – 94.74%
• Five Line – 92.11%
• Six Line – 94.74%
• Column – 94.74%
• Dozen – 94.74%
• Red or Black – 94.74%
• Odd or Even – 94.74%
• High or Low – 94.74%

Below is a quick look at the bet type and its respective return to player rate in the European roulette wheel:

• Straight – 97.30%
• Split – 97.30%
• Street – 97.30%
• Square or Corner – 97.30%
• Six Line – 97.30%
• Column – 97.30%
• Dozen – 97.30%
• Red or Black – 97.30%
• Odd or Even – 97.30%
• High or Low – 97.30%

European Vs. American Roulette: Which Is Better?


Generally, European roulette gives a decent experience for users whose main priority is to make more profits. This variant has features such as lower house edge And En Prison rule, making it a decent option for players. In addition to that, it has more winning chances than American roulette.

If you do not possess the chance to anticipate the winning numbers, it is best to use European roulette as it offers more winning possibilities and less house edge, which are both the primary components of this game. By doing so, you will have additional chances of winning compared to the American roulette variant.

Bottom Line

At last, we have tried to incorporate all the essential factors of European roulette and the American roulette wheel. From the above information, it can be seen clearly why the European variant is better than the American wheel and other roulettes.

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