Maintenance Tips and Tricks for Window Blinds and Shutters

All the homeowners will try to design their homes in a way that will make them feel comfortable. However, furniture, colors of the walls, and other stuff are not the only important ones. All the people would want to have privacy. Despite that, they would also want to ensure that heat or cold from the outside does not enter their home. In both cases, having proper window blinds and shutters is going to be a mandatory thing.

Getting good-quality blinds and shutters is not a big problem. Thanks to online technology, there are many websites like GoldCoastBlinds&Shutters that offer a wide range of different models. It is always good to collaborate with people that guarantee quality and have a large number of satisfied clients.
But, when you purchase these “protective tools”, the list of responsibilities you have extends. More precisely, you will need to regularly maintain the window blinds and shutters and ensure their quality remains for a long period.

Unfortunately, we have noticed that most people do not know how to do that properly. With the help of experts, we decided to share a couple of maintenance tips and tricks for window blinds and shutters. After reading the list below, you will know exactly how to complete your part of the job.

Let’s find out those tips together!

For Starters, Understand Your Window Blinds and Shutters


Before you start with some practical moves, it would be necessary to analyze the blinds you have at home.

Not all of them that you can buy in the stores are functioning the same way. Indeed, most of them come with a couple of long slats, but that is not always the case. Besides, the slats themselves can sometimes be vertical or horizontal. Even in that case, you will have to maintain your blinds differently.

Because of that, analyze together with other family members the material, way of functioning, and other relevant pieces of information. You can read the features of the model that you bought to make things easier.

Cleaning with Duster Once a Week

We totally understand that you are pretty tired always when you get back from work. However, cleaning the blinds and shutters at least once a week is a mandatory thing. But, if you do not use the appropriate equipment, then you are only wasting your time. That is the reason why we strongly recommend you use the duster to complete that part of the job. More precisely, you will need a microfiber and feather duster to reach the best results.

So, why do we recommend this form of cleaning once a week? The reason for that is simple to understand. If you delay the process, don’t get surprised when you start dealing with the backbreaking work.

Unfortunately, most people do that and they get nervous whenever the entire process starts. Don’t allow that to happen!

Rub Fabric Dryer Sheet on Both Sides of Slats


There is a common mistake that most homeowners regularly make. Unfortunately, most people will rub fabric dryers on only one side of the slats. However, that is not going to be the most effective method.

Instead of that, you need to do that on both sides in order to ensure that there is no dust.

When the layer of dust is big, the quality of the blinds and shutters goes down. In other words, their durability will reduce which automatically brings new costs. Just in case your blinds can’t be salvaged and need an upgrade, you can contact Bumble Bee Blinds for a wide selection of replacement options.

Wet Cleaning Is the Easiest

Okay, let’s say a few more words about wet cleaning of the blinds. We do not want to say this is the most effective method but certainly is the easiest one. For starters, you will only need a bucket of water to start the process. Additionally, you will have to add some products that will boost the cleaning power of your “cocktail”. Our recommendation is to use only a few drops of mild dish soap in one-half gallon of pure water.

However, there is one additional thing you can do to boost the cleaning power even more. It is recommendable that you add a couple of teaspoons of glass cleaner. That way, you can be sure that the drying of the window blinds is going to be without any streaks.

Still, don’t use this method without any type of control. We suggest you clean only one part of the blinds and wait to see the results. It may happen that this type of cleaning equipment is not appropriate for particular blinds and shutters. It is better to notice that at the beginning and immediately start looking for alternatives.

You Can Vacuum the Blinds and Shutters As Well


Generally, this is not something that people often do. However, there is no reason not to try out this maintenance and cleaning method. But, it is not going to be enough to use a basic vacuum cleaner. You will have to purchase the one that comes with a brush attachment.

Brush attachment at the top of the vacuum cleaner will ensure that you do not scratch the surface of slats. It is important that you do not cause damage and reduce the quality of the blinds even more.

So, how to clean it properly? Well, we suggest you close the slats in one direction completely before you start cleaning the surface. After you do that, open the slats in the opposite direction to clean that part as well. Don’t push too hard; the brushes will protect the slats, but that doesn’t mean you must not be careful.

You Will Have to Remove the Spots Separately

Leaving finger marks on the surface of the blinds and shutters is a normal thing. Even when you clean them, it may happen that spots appear. Because of that, you may have to invest extra attention o them.

Fortunately for you, removing them completely from the surface is a piece of cake.

All you have to do is to find a non-abrasive sponge. You can be sure this type of cleaning equipment will ensure good results. However, one additional problem may appear – water spotting. If you want to avoid those spots, we suggest you gently wipe dry with an old towel. As an alternative, it can be good to use a microfiber cloth. We will let you decide which method is better, but they are both good.

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