Are Motorized Window Blinds Worth the Money?

Have you ever thought about purchasing a set of cool, chic, as well innovative motorized blinds? If you dislike outdated furniture and you prefer techy high-quality gear, this is perfect for you! Keep on reading and find out all there is to know about motorized blinds, as well as why you should get them.

What are motorized blinds?


They are just like your regular blinds, only way more pretty, operated by remote control, cooler, as well as quite sturdy! Why should you get them? Do you know the struggle of getting out of your bed and adjusting your shade for your morning routine, early breakfast, or when trying to read the newspaper every day? Not only that motorized blinds are convenient and so easy to use, but they are also great for protecting you from the sun, if not even better! You will enjoy them since they are so:

  1. Chic
  2. Convenient
  3. Perfect for protection
  4. Stylish
  5. Affordable

Top 7 reasons why you’ll love them

1. They are safe to use around your kids


Most parents are worried about their kids and their safety. There are loads of appliances that your toddlers shouldn’t interact with. Luckily for you, this is not one of them! Blinds with cords are quite scary on the other hand since your child can tangle in them and get scared. Did you know that one child under the age of 10 dies every month in the US due to window cord strangulation?!

Cordless blinds are super easy to set-up, and they are highly recommended.

2. Their engines save energy

Once your program your shade however you like and want it to be you will save a lot of energy. Just make sure that you connect your shade to a smart home hub sensor that will help you with your HVAC system. This combo allows for the shade to act ideally according to your weather forecast for the day. Everything will move and configure on its own. Thanks to this unique feature you will reduce energy and you won’t even notice this slight change on your receipt, not even in the long run.

3. Better overall security


Protect your home by making it look busy, as well as occupied! The best part? You can easily set up a scheme and a story that you wish out to put on and for others to see. Just set a time schedule during the day which will make stimulation that you’re at home. Simply use the app that will make the adjustments for you. If you live in a sketchy or not as crowded area this can be a great solution, especially if you don’t have surveillance cameras that can keep you safe and sound.

4. Great for your home aesthetic

It’s not only that it works, but it also looks great! How about you combine and get the best of both worlds? There are no unwanted hanging cords or chains. You can choose between a wide range of fabrics as well as different sizes and colors. You can easily match your blinds to your home decor, as well as your overall aesthetic. You will enjoy top quality and premium shades that are fully customizable per your preference. Also, you can go for different designs for each room.

5. Better privacy


Do you demand full-on pitch black dark, as well as better privacy at your home, or your bedroom? Your home should feel like a secure and safe spot where you get to do whatever you want without feeling paranoid. No one wants a creepy stalker or noisy neighbors walking past and not minding their own business or creeping on you whenever they feel like it. You can go for any mode that suits you and enjoy overall better privacy in your own home. Saying bye-bye to those paper-thin blinds or old-school curtains can be a good idea.

6. Smart home integration

Did you know that you can take it up a notch when it comes to your blinds? Some motorized shades can be integrated with other smart appliances such as lights, smart locks, as well as awnings. You can also set a scenario for your blinds to go down if your awnings close due to much wind. Everything is fully customizable, and who wouldn’t love that? For instance, your blinds can close as you set your favorite movie or a basketball game to watch, giving you a theater-like experience.

7. Great for elderly people


Last, but not least, they are great for the elderly, people with mobility issues, or simply lazy people. You won’t have to get up and move around every couple of hours to get the right spot, and you won’t have to adjust your blinds if the weather becomes ugly or too windy. Everything is fully operational and easy to set up with just one touch of a button! Everyone will appreciate its easy set-up, as well as the fact that you won’t be stopped when watching your favorite show, enjoying a party, or a morning stretch!

Where to shop?

If they sound like a great idea you will easily get your hands on them at The Blinds Source. Their blinds are operated by a remote control + you get to enjoy their total light control feature. You can choose between loads of different kinds, such as ultra-smart blinds, Lutron Serena, hunter Douglas, as well as appeal smart blinds – the choice is up to you. Modern & practical, great for friends & family, parents, kids, as well as grandparents who wish to feel secure, stay safe, and still look cool!

Ready to switch to motorized shades?


Are you ready to try out some new kinds of shades? Although quite unusual and not as talked about, this little mini change can make a lot of difference at your home and with your overall aesthetic. Men and women who prefer trendy looks and who wish to spice up their home design will want one set (at least). Let us know where you stand when it comes to motorized blinds, we would love to know!

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