5 Tips For Using A Drain Cleaning Machine – 2024 Guide

Maintaining every household requires a lot of responsibility. It doesn’t matter if it’s a malfunction in the home appliance, replacing an old appliance with a new one – or if it’s water and sewer pipes. There must be a responsibility on your part. Therefore, check your drains at least twice a year, because when clogging occurs – dirty water can cause you a big problem. We will give you a few suggestions on how to prevent this – and what ways and means are best for cleaning and maintaining your drain and sewer pipes. And it is most effective to use the benefits of cleaning with a drain cleaning machine. How to do all that? Here are some tips below.

The Difference Between Cleaning And Disinfection


Cleaning and disinfection are not the same things. Below you will learn the procedure for a thorough cleaning, as well as what tools and machines you can do it with. We will also explain which pipes you need to disinfect often – and which ones only need to be cleaned occasionally. You probably planned to do the disinfection of the pipes and cleaning as usual. However, due to the current situation with the coronavirus, that cleaning should be much more detailed – and with the obligatory disinfection with appropriate means.

When Is The Best Time For Drain Cleaning?


In general, there is no special rule when it comes to cleaning drains and pipes. However, by default, that job is usually done at the beginning of spring. Although the first days of spring and summer take us all out to enjoy – that is not a reason not to start slowly in this, we must admit, not an easy job. This type of maintenance is very important – and for greater cleaning and maintenance, we should consult experts who have special machines and tools for such purposes. You’re certainly wondering why you would do something if you don’t have a problem? That’s the point! Namely, drains and pipes should be cleaned and maintained frequently – because of everything that accumulates in them. And it is certainly healthier.

Drainage And Sewer Pipe Operation System


The pipes help water to flow, so they must be as clean as possible. We mostly have sewage in the kitchen, bathroom, or a yard – and in each of these places congestion can occur, that is, that the pipes can stop draining water and filthy matters. This can create great inconvenience and can very often lead to damage. All toilets are connected to drains – toilets, bathtubs, bidets, sinks, etc. – and therefore the flow of water needs to function flawlessly. Any clogging of the toilet creates a huge problem, as it is impossible for everyday life to proceed normally. Sometimes, even spills can occur, which is additional damage.

Unclogging Pipes At Home


Sometimes it is enough to blow off a drain with a vacuum rubber, but that is usually only a temporary solution. The pipes are clogged with various accumulated grease that we spill in the sink when we wash the dishes – as well as from coffee grounds, or throwing waste in the toilet. All this is the cause of the blockage, which is considered an emergency intervention. When the water flows slowly into the drains, or you hear the gurgling in the pipes, or maybe the water comes back – these are all signs that something is wrong and that you may be threatened by water spillage, that is, flood. These are the situations when you need to call the plumbing team, such as one at, immediately to solve your problem. Don’t do anything on your own because you can break the drain pipe – and then it’s an expensive investment.

Machine Pipe Cleaning At Home


In situations when there is strong congestion in the pipes and drains, you must choose another method of cleaning. In that case, the best solution is if you have a drain cleaning machine. According to Citysupplygroup, these useful devices have a very wide application – especially in residential complexes where congestion often occurs, and you are not always in a position to call a plumber. Then devices like the Spartan machine prove to be very cost-effective and useful. Their use is relatively simple and very efficient. However, when handling, you should be careful when handling – to avoid further damage or cracking in the pipes.

Machine Drain Cleaning


We will give you some tips on how to prevent congestion and how to clean your drain. Today, the technology is very advanced – and some machines are excellent in the efficient cleaning of drains and pipes. Here are 5 tips for using the machine to clean the drain.

1. Inadequate Drainage Treatment

Inadequate drainage treatment is one of the common causes of sewer congestion. By this, we usually mean throwing away various debris in the sink, toilet bowl – and even hairs that can be found in the sink over time, causing congestion.  There are many means used to clean toilets, but at the same time, they can corrode sewer pipes and create some other problems. However, if drain cleaning machines are used, the effect is much better – and the risk of damage is lower. Smaller machines with cameras and nozzles that wash the pipes are sometimes also used.

2. Machines Used Even by Plumbers

When the drain is clogged, it is necessary to first diagnose and determine the degree of congestion. This is important to take appropriate measures and methods of asphyxiation. Since the grease that can be found in the sewer pipes is somewhat more complicated to remove – this intervention sometimes has to be performed by a person with experience, the necessary knowledge, and the appropriate equipment and machine. After the team arrives at your address and performs a detailed analysis of the degree of congestion – the machine and the method of unclogging are determined.

3. Mechanical Drain Cleaning Is A 100% Successful Method

Mechanical sewer unclogging is intended for a narrower pipe profile. Mechanical drain and sewer cleaning is a method that is 100% successful – whether it is congestion of greater or lesser intensity. The machine creates vibrations with which the cable acts on the sewer blockage itself. Vibration combined with a sharp tip and water pressure always gives a winning combination.

4. The Machine Finds The Focus Of Congestion

Sometimes the problem of congestion is much more complex. Therefore, it is necessary to apply somewhat more modern methods. One of them is the mechanical unclogging of the sewer. This method has most often been used with much larger objects. Also, other methods, such as scanning with special cameras, are used in the unclogging service. This type of modern method greatly simplifies the work – because in that way the exact location and the so-called “hot spot” of congestion are determined. Once the problematic place is determined – any further work is very easy for experts.

5. Machine Cleaning Under Pressure

Among other things, one of the more efficient methods is the method of unclogging the sewer under pressure. It is a very efficient method that successfully solves even the most stubborn congestion in residential or commercial buildings. Unclogging of the sewer under pressure is performed during congestion of all types of pipes, that is, all diameters.

The Bottom Line


Don’t wait for a congestion problem to happen – clean and flush your drains as a precaution. Therefore, the cleaning machines will be very useful. Just master their use. If you do not manage on your own – you always have the option to turn to professionals.

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