Universities in Switzerland

Switzerland is what Europe is all about. Located right in the heart of the continent, it has a mix of languages and cultures that draws people from all over the world. With a population of 8.5 million, its major cities of Zurich and Geneva play host to the headquarters of a great many global organizations and multinational corporations.

Switzerland is also home to stunning mountain scenery that will take your breath away both in summer and winter.

The country is fiercely proud of its history and diversity and has four official languages, the most widely-spoken of which are French, German, and Italian. English is also very common given the country’s large international population.

Education system


Switzerland’s education system is diverse because it is run by each of the country’s 26 administrative areas known as “cantons.” Courses are offered in French, German, Italian, and English at public and private institutions across the country.

The student population includes a significant number of international students. Learning to bridge the gaps between students from different cultural backgrounds will enhance your experience and help you learn how to communicate with all types of people, both inside the classroom and beyond.



If Switzerland appeals to you as a study abroad location, you may want to consider enrolling at a university that offers US accreditation to ease your transition and ensure your qualifications will be recognized back home on graduation.

Franklin University in Switzerland definitely fits the bill on this front as its courses boast dual American and European accreditation.

Franklin University Switzerland is based in the city of Lugano in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in the south of Switzerland. It also has a satellite campus in Zurich, at which it offers the only semester-long study abroad program in the city taught entirely in English. Founded in 1969 it is the only independent, private liberal arts university in Switzerland.

FUS is extremely proud of its international student body: many of its alumni have gone on to high-profile international careers. The university also places great importance on its alumni network, meaning that the friendships you make during your study abroad experience could last a lifetime, whatever corner of the globe you end up in.

Want to find out more about whether studying at a university in Switzerland in English might be right for you? Check out the Franklin University Switzerland website to find out more about this American university right in the center of Europe. You can chat online with some of our current students to find out what campus life is really like.

Representatives from FUS also regularly visit locations across the US and Canada – why not check to see if there is one coming to a city near you soon?

Several cities have more than just on University, such as Basel, Aiglet, Genève, and more. The city of Genève has the most Universities in Switzerland, with six of them. The University of Geneva, Geneva Business School, EU Business School, CREA, UBIS, and the School of Diplomacy and International Relations.

In Aiglet, we can find the IHTTI, which is a School of Hotel Management, and the Swiss Hotel Management School. In Basel, you can get a bachelor’s degree in Science, at Bern University, University of Basel, or the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.


If you are more into cooking and culinary, you could go in Bouveret, and attend the Culinary Arts Academy. There are two bachelor programs, Applied Science and Professions, and Hospitality, Leisure, and Sports. Furthermore, you could go to Fribourg, and get a degree at the School of Management. There is one bachelor’s program, Business and Management.

The city of Montreux is another one with several great Universities. Here you can attend at Swiss Hotel Management School, School of Higher Education, Hotel Management, and the EU Business School. The EU Business School represents one of the best Universities in Europe and has its campuses in several states, in cities of Barcelona, Munich, Montreux, and Geneva.

Another great University in Switzerland is the Alfred Nobel Open Business School in Zurich, where students can get their degrees in political and economic science. This University is a private institution with two main programs, Business & Management, and Hospitality, Leisure, and Sport. Many of successful bankers, consultants, and CEOs got their bachelor`s degree at this University.

Since there are so many Universities and most of them in a very good voice, you can choose any profession, and attending your classes in this country would not be a mistake for sure. Some of the most popular degrees are in Informational Technologies and Computer Science, and one of the best Universities in this class is the EU Business School in Montreux.

If you are more interested in Business, some of the best Universities are Hotel Institute in Montreux, Geneva Business School, and Sustainability Management School. The average cost of these Universities is around 25,000 Euros per year.

Other popular courses are Journalism, Social Sciences, Humanities, Medicine, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Agriculture, and Arts. Also, as we can see from popularity, and experience from ex-students, most of these Universities are offering great knowledge and professional practice, which can be crucial for further development and professional career.

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