Positioning the Crew at a Professional Crew Travel Agency

When traveling on a yacht, you will probably fly first class or use your own or rented aircraft. It will save your lifestyle and time. Comfort and luxury are essential for you and your guests.

If your yacht crew needs to reach Greece, Monaco or Antigua, you may not be able to enjoy the luxury of private appointments, but arriving at your destination when necessary remains important. This is where the services of experienced sea travel agencies come into play.

Specialized crew travel agency services

If the captain and crew organize the trip on their own or handle this service, the reputable crew travel agency has a wide range of services specially designed for the needs of the crew like you.

  • Special flexible tickets (and fully refundable)
  • World representative
  • Comprehensive travel insurance
  • Luggage franchise adapted to life as a superyacht crew
  • Full crew travel agency services
  • 24 hour travel management service.
  • And, of course, the main crew travel specialists work closely with yacht management companies and also with superyacht owners like you.

The main sea travel agencies in the world are all over the world

The best crew travel agencies have offices or associated companies in remote parts of the world. You may need a team in Genoa today and in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow. Finally, what is needed is the JFK delay caused by a poorly organized crew trip while enjoying a few days of cruising through the blue waters of the Hamptons.

A good crew travel agency goes out of its way to make sure everyone can board when they need to be in the water. This is an important part of the good management of the yacht crew.

Regular or emergency travel experience


An important part of the crew’s travel agency is to ensure that everything works smoothly with regular travel arrangements. However, in some cases, even the best team may face an emergency. If the crew has to return to the UK due to illness or a family crisis, or if they need to take a replacement team member to a yacht in a hurry, the travel agency will have the resources to make things happen.

Must have contacts. If you need replacement equipment, it is important to find the appropriate national personnel agency to hire the personnel you need for long or short term appointments.

Find a reliable crew agency

If you need the services of a sea travel agency, the first port of call may be the internet. But how to find the best agency among the many companies on the web? The answer may be in one of the professional online yacht directories.

Directories such as the contain details of a carefully examined crew travel specialist and a national personnel agency. Whether you need to move captains or cooks all over the world, using one of these directories saves time and effort and is an excellent way to reach the best professionals in the fastest and easiest way possible.
Find reliable domestic staff:

Domestic Staff-Support staff who make yachts and villas ready, crew, drivers, nanny, etc., make the international lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. Take care of you, your family and your guests every day and trust them. Often they are part of a family, so making the right choices is essential.

Benefits of using a good national staff agency


With so many crises involved, the key to hiring the staff needed for long-term or short-term appointments anywhere in the world is to find the right national staff agency. What to look for in an agency? Here are some ideas:

  1. Great reputation
  2. Local experience and international competence-from Antigua to Cote d’Azur, they know the way in your world and have a detailed knowledge of local recruitment.
  3. Solid reputation
  4. Excellent references
  5. A wide range of high-quality domestic staff
  6. Friendly and helpful. service
  7. Excellent staff

From temporary drivers who take you to Hotel De Paris during the Monaco Grand Prix Week, to clerks specializing in care of designer bathroom accessories, to housekeepers in the UAE, the best agencies intuitively know your dedicated staff finds an international lifestyle.

Choosing the perfect yacht crew agency

The same is true for yacht staff. On a long cruise or a weekend on the Channel Islands, the interpersonal chemistry must be perfectly matched to the skills required for a yacht crew. Your crew must fully understand your needs-from cooks to captains, they will provide you with the experience, knowledge, and contacts you need no matter where you are in the world where you sail. Must be taken.

Educated nunnies-perfect for your international childcare needs


Whether you’re at home in London, skiing in Gstaad, or cruising the Aegean Sea, you need someone special to care for your child the way you want. Making the right choice is not as important as matching your child’s needs with the right nanny.

As a busy person with an international lifestyle, I expect the highest standards of education, bearings, etiquette and personality. Only a few national staffing agencies will meet your criteria-the challenge is in finding them.

Quickly find key employment agencies in the country

When the peace of mind and the happiness of your child are at stake, you need to find a national staffing agent immediately. Few outweigh the ardent personal recommendations from trusted people. However, you often need to search the Internet. Google search generates a huge amount of domestic recruitment businesses around the world.

How do you choose among them? If time is very important and you need the right person quickly, the answer may be in an established online directory. Sites such as the Super Yacht Directory specialize in domestic staff services for the most exclusive and internationally mobile families. In fact, the family is the same as you.

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