7 Most Common Types of Lips

Each person has a different type of lips. Experts say that like some other facial features, these can also reveal some of your personal characteristics, so it’s time to stop in front of your mirror and look closer. If you have not believed so far that there is any connection between your personality and the shape of your lips, the results of the study could surprise you quite a bit. And while before there was no help in case you didn’t like your shape, today members of the fairer sex are increasingly opting for aesthetic corrections to improve their appearance, and in most cases, self-confidence. When you know what type of lips you have, there’s a possibility to make a better research and find out what types of treatments they require.

Below we represent some of the most common forms and shapes of one of the most sensual parts of the face – you don’t want to miss this one!

1. Full lips


We would bet that the first lips that came to your mind when you read this were the ones whose proud owner is Angelina Jolie. These are the most wanted lips by women these days and in order to get this shape, women usually opt for treatments such as augmentation, most often with hyaluronic fillers. This type is characterized by a beautiful and well-defined natural structure and can look great even with a  little bit of lipgloss or lipstick. But, even if you decide not to put anything on them, they will still look lovely.

There is no curvature at the top and bottom. As far as character traits are concerned, this form is most often held by empathetic persons, with pronounced parental instincts. The desire to protect and preserve their loved ones is especially expressed as well. They are good friends and like to nurture that kind of relationship.

Full lips are the ones we admire the most; they are rich, lavish, they look so juicy and basically everybody wants to kiss them, right? They may not always be symmetrical, but that doesn’t stop them from being the most popular in the world and among women.

2. Thin lips


If you don’t know what they look like, just have a look at the famous ‘Friends’ star, Jennifer Aniston. She is one of those celebrities who have thin lips. These usually require the use of a definition pen and women are usually not quite satisfied with this type and most often opt for correction such as augmentation.

The easiest way to describe them would probably be: the upper and lower lips are in the form of two lines. They don’t have the shape and appearance of fullness nor they look plumped and rich. This is also the most common type that tends to get contoured and filled with hyaluronic acid fillers.

According to analysts, there is something unsocial and control-freak in them. People with this lip form don’t care about the nature of the means on the way to the goal – they will do anything. But on the other hand, inside they hide the softer side of the personality that those who recognize it like.

3. Heart-shaped


Heart-shaped lips are those in which the upper lip is well contoured and defined in the shape of a heart. They are mostly thick, fuller, and attractive. This form is simply gorgeous even without a trace of gloss or lipstick.

Such people are typical for their independence and strong will. Women and men who were born with the privilege of having this shape are characterized as passionate, glamorous, and with a good sense of humor.

Just think of Marilyn Monroe, remember her creative and energetic personality, as well as her artistic inclinations, which are additional features of these people.

4. Plumped center


This model is slightly thicker and fuller compared to some others, but especially in the central part. These are full and sensual lips and many women simply dream of them. With a touch of gloss or, for example, red lipstick, they look even more stunning. Not to mention how sexy, full, and sleek they are – so lush compared to other types.

For people with these analysts tend to say they really like that ‘all eyes on me’ feeling. It gives them a sense of confidence and they just enjoy being the center of attention. Relationships with them can be turbulent and dramatic at times, but they can also be extremely tender.

5. Goldilocks lips


Another name for them is middle lips. This name justifies the shape, which is neither too thin nor thick and does not have overemphasized edges, as well as Cupid’s bow. There is simply no perfect definition that could describe them. It has various elements, none of which are particularly emphasized. But, if you thought this was a rare unusual shape, if you click here, you are about to realize you’re so wrong.

We can similarly describe their owners. They are considered not to be particularly demanding people. The tendency for rational thinking is especially noticeable and, when they love someone, they respect their feelings and their emotional partners are generally chosen wisely.

6. Round lips


Doesn’t that button-like definition look infinitely likable? You may not have met a lot of such people in your life, but one thing is for sure – they look so cute and charming. Sometimes girls who own them simply get annoyed and want to stuff them with a lot of makeup to cover the shape, but this only shrinks them visually even more. Therefore, it would be good to apply lighter shades on them!

One more thing is for sure, and that is that you can’t be bored next to people like this. They are always ready for action because they are encouraged to do so by the adventurous spirit they have, not to mention the charisma you can’t help but notice. They like small and big risks and are full of self-confidence.

7. Wide lips


The wide model is the one you can see on Julia Roberts’s face. The wide, elongated and easily recognizable shape can be noticed in both thinner and thicker faces. And, while some people simply adore them as they tend to look quite smiley, others aren’t so satisfied, so they use all available techniques in order to visually narrow them.

What makes them sometimes even wider is the constant smile. These people are very likable to others, but they are also perfectionists which makes them good leaders. Friends love them for their cheerful spirit.

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