5 Tips to Survive the Heat

Summers are getting hotter every year, and it is getting harder to adjust to the heat waves. Even with air conditioner and home cooling systems, the heat can still be hard to tolerate. Staying healthy and physically motivated can be a challenge in the weather. Here at LiveTray, we’ve collected the top 5 tips to surviving the heat. 

So if you want to survive the heat without losing your mind, the following steps can help you keep your cool.

1. Box fans or ceiling fans


Even with coolant, your home can get stuffy and create more heat. Instead of locking yourself inside the room with the air conditioner, opt for ceiling fans or box fans. Don’t worry, you can keep the air conditioning, but it can be unhealthy in the long run. 

Instead, keep your doors and windows open and switch on the fans. Circulation of air is necessary to keep you and the room fresh. When you open your blinds and let the natural air get into the room, you will breathe better and cool down faster. The fans will act as an exhaust to let warm and stale air out of the room while you keep the windows open. 

Using the fan is exceptionally better in the evening after the sunset. After sunrise, close all doors and windows so that cold air does not escape and keep the room fresh as long as possible. Repeat the pattern of opening your doors and windows with the fan on in the evening again.

2. Switch off any extra source of heat


Whether you use incandescent lights, computers, or home appliances, make sure you switch it off while trying to cool your home. Electrical gears and other sources of heat such as the oven, fireplace, or even your cooking stove can add unnecessary heat to the house, especially when all the openings are shut. To eliminate the need for oven and microwave, try opting cold and fresh food

Try to keep your doors and windows open while using any other source of heat. Allow the machines to cool and then close the entrance only after they are switched off. This might not always be possible, but you get the idea! Turn off anything that gives out unnecessary heat.

3. The power of water


Since the summer heat makes you sweat and use more energy, always remember to drink water at an interval. Hydrating your body by drinking cold water and beverages helps your internal body cool down faster. Water also replaces lost electrolytes from sweating. So drink plenty of water to keep your skin glowing and prevent your body from developing illnesses due to dehydration.

Another way to use water to beat the heat is by soaking your feet in cold water. You can use a bucket, a tub, or the pool if you have. Soak a towel in cold water and wrap it around your arms and back and shoulders. 

You can also have a bath with cold water before bed since sleeping requires comfort. Keep a bottle of chilled spritzer next to your bed and use a refreshing smell mixed with cold water to keep you calm.

4. Check your diet


Whatever you eat controls how you feel. So it is crucial to keep your diet in check during the heat waves. Try to adjust your meals in small portions and have them within a three-hour interval. By doing so, your digestive system is regularizing its functions without straining your body. Since your body is working overtime to keep itself cool, over-stuffing it with food will stress it further. 

Opt for food that tastes good and healthy for the summer. Try out salads and sandwiches, coleslaw with a hydrating drink. Avoid food rich in protein and spicy food. You can also cut down alcoholic and caffeinated beverages as they contain diuretics, which cause dehydration. Instead, switch to seafood and lean meat, fruits, and legumes whenever possible.

5. Switch to a more relaxed location


With the change in weather, it is also necessary to adjust your locations to stay calm. Whether you are at home, workplace, or a public place, always keep an eye for the cold spot. If you mostly live upstairs, you can switch your room from the top floor to the ground floor. 

Staying closer to the ground means staying closer to the earth. Since hot air rises, you will feel the humidity and the heat when you stay upstairs. So head downstairs or even in the basement and use a fan wherever you go.

For work, you can change your location by picking a less crowded spot or avoiding a large group of people. You can head to the library or a quiet café with air conditioning to stay away from the crowd. Since everyone gives out a certain amount of body heat, staying too close to them will only make it worse for you. Finally, wear cotton clothes and open toe shoes to prevent your body from overheating.

As an extra tip, we would suggest you learn how to recognize symptoms of illness dues to heat. Common problems include heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat rash, and even heat cramps. Stay in the shade and closer to trees whenever possible, and always keep a lookout for signs of dehydration. 

Once you keep yourself well- hydrated and follow the other steps, you will easily manage to survive the heat.

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