9 Successful Small Business Ideas to Start in 2024

It is not easy to start a small business in the US and make it thrive in the post-pandemic economy. But, with the right successful small business ideas, you can make it happen.

Before we get into that, however, you should understand how the business landscape has changed in the last two years. COVID-19 forced a majority of the global workforce to work remotely from the safety of their homes.

This has caused many small businesses to close as people are still wary of going out unnecessarily. Consumer shopping behaviors and demand patterns have also changed.

So, many entrepreneurs are now focussing on small businesses that can be set up and run virtually, without a heavy investment.

In this post, we will provide you with a list of successful small business ideas that are easy to set up and low on investment. This will help you navigate through these tough times like a pro and run a successful small business in the US.

9 Successful Small Business Ideas to Start in the US

When starting a small business in the US, you need to follow certain procedures like getting an EIN and registering the business. The paperwork involved and the process can be overwhelming for new entrepreneurs.

Irrespective of the type of business you start, leverage the services of a company like GovDocFiling that can help you start your new business with ease. They will take care of all the formalities and even expedite the process to get your business registered quickly.

Now that we have that cleared, let’s take a look at the top successful small business ideas for starting a business in the US.

1. Online Tutoring


With students attending classes online and parents too scared to send them for tuition, online tutoring is a booming business in the post-COVID era. Pick a subject or subjects that you’re good at and start offering online classes to students in your area.

All you need are good credentials and a website from where students can enroll and join your classes. You can even start by word-of-mouth marketing to school students in your area and hold classes over Zoom calls.

When you’re ready to grow your tutoring business, you can launch a website and even add a few more tutors.

2. Consulting


Consulting was and still is one of the most profitable and successful small business ideas of all time.

You can lend your expertise to other businesses and help them grow and earn a decent commission. It does not require much investment, other than maybe a website and a few software, and can help you earn a steady income.

However, you need to be extremely good at something and have the necessary credentials to become a consultant.

3. Web Design & Development


If you are a web designer, then this is a great time for you to start your own small business. Many small businesses that didn’t have a website earlier are considering launching one as their offline business has been affected by the pandemic.

This is a great time to find new clients and get web design & development work that you can do remotely. All you need is to market yourself and find a few clients and things will take off from there.

4. Freelance Writing


Anyone who owns or plans to launch a website needs content writers. And freelancers are much cheaper than hiring a team of writers in-house.

If you have good research and writing skills, you can start a successful freelance writing small business and get a steady income from it.

5. Personal Fitness Training


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many gyms closed across the country and even after some opened, people are not flocking to the gyms as they used to.

This has generated a huge demand for personal trainers who can do online training or make house visits to train their clients. Start a personal fitness training business catering to your geographical location and you are bound to find at least a small, but steady clientele.

6. Graphic Designing


This is another one of the successful small business ideas that can be done remotely and require very little investment. All you need are designing skills and high-quality software that can aid your work.

As your clientele would mainly include website owners, you can also tie-up with freelance writers and web developers to get more work. You can, in turn, send relevant work their way, forming a mutually beneficial partnership.

7. House Cleaning


With people staying at home for much longer than they use to, the demand for house cleaning services has risen.

However, there is a need for cost-effective services that can be easily afforded by the masses.

This is the perfect opportunity to capture this market and start a house cleaning business with competitive prices.

You can start by catering to houses in your neighborhood and expand your business once it becomes profitable.

8. Food Delivery/Ghost Kitchen


The need for food delivery services is on the rise as more and more people prefer ordering in than dining out in a post-pandemic world.

You can start a ghost kitchen where you take online orders and deliver them. You don’t need to invest in a restaurant or even a kitchen space and can run the business from home.

9. Social Media Management


Social media marketing is no longer a niche marketing tactic, but has become mainstream as almost every business uses it in some form or another.

You can provide remote social media management services to several clients and help them grow their social media presence. All it takes is to create and post social media content on behalf of your client and interact with their audience to keep them engaged.

You can easily manage the social media accounts of at least a few clients and earn a steady stream of income without any investment.


Starting a successful small business can give you the flexibility to work on your own terms, while also providing you with a steady income. Use the successful small business ideas in this post to get inspiration for your business venture.

These are some of the best small business ideas given the current business landscape and market demand.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start your own business now and become your own boss. All the best!

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