How to Start an Adult eCommerce Store and Be Successful?

As the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world last year, a lot of people gave a chance to their ideas, to make them come true. Also, one of the industries that became really popular was the adult industry, and of course, the high demand for eCommerce websites in this niche. People nowadays will first check if some shop has a website and an option to order and have the item delivered to their address. We all appreciate the discretion that comes with this type of shopping, so make sure you got this covered if you plan a business in the adult industry. Also, you will have to open your mind to things that may seem weird to you but keep in mind that as long as the things are legal, you won’t have any problem with the law.

If your question is “Would it be easy?”, we can immediately say that you can’t expect a miracle if you don’t put a lot of work and effort into something you want to happen. It’s a sensitive topic since the items should be restocked regularly, so you need to find a reliable source, or even try dropshipping at the beginning. You can take an example from websites like, or even collaborate with them, so you can have a fresh start with a good offer, that will attract the customers to come to you.

Also, be aware that not everyone around you will like or approve of what you are doing for a living or for an additional salary, so you may want to keep things simple and start the business secretly. Many adult entrepreneurs use secret names to close the deals. But, let’s start from the most obvious things, and we will see if there are some perks you need to cover:

Offer a lot of products and accessories


You don’t need to fill up every category with hundreds of items. It’s better to cover as many categories as you can, so everyone can find what they are looking for. You can start with classic toys and accessories, sexual wellness products, condoms, but also role-play costumes. After that, you can go “deeper in the dark” with advanced hardcore toys, BDSM items, cosplay, costumes, lubricants, supplies, and additional gear for the toys. Consider your business like doing something good for your potential clients. Most of them will be thankful for your work.

Know your marketing limits


The bad thing is that you can’t use the standard protocols to promote your e-shop. If you create a Facebook page, they will eventually ban it, together with your profile. Forget about the mainstream media like newspapers and traditional websites. But do you know that you can use the traditional SEO approach to optimize the content, so the people who know what they are looking for can easily find you? Another thing you can also do is to try to contact the adult influencers and social media personalities who can get these things covered for you. Surely, promotion channels are very limited, but it’s not impossible to find the right one and launch your campaign through them.

Make sure it’s not illegal in your country


It’s possible to break some laws and rules with your behavior, so make sure toys and adult items are legal in your country. In many countries, they aren’t banned and you can even find them in souvenir shops. But you must be careful with this one because you won’t be proud of yourself if you take the risk and you end up facing the court just because you wanted to sell some lubricants or BDSM clothes. Also, some laws require you to be careful with packaging, even though they let you sell the items. Remember, this business requires a high level of privacy and you must meet that standard.

Ensure safe money transfer


Many people will choose to pay with their credit or debit card, but also they will require discreetness too. So, maybe you can offer them to buy coupons, so they can use them when online shopping. By doing that, their transactions will be protected and private. Also, include some alternative payment methods, like digital wallets, or even cryptocurrencies, just to make sure you take care of your customers.

Your website should be clear and easy to navigate


You don’t want to overwhelm it with different photos, popups, banners, and many other things that can make the customer shut it down. Make sure your design is optimal for every device, and you provide an exceptional customer experience for everyone who visits your e-shop.

Offer VIP membership


Or something like an exclusive club for the loyal customers. You can inform them through a newsletter what’s new, and create specially tailored offers for them. That’s one of the most effective ways to attract new clients, but also to keep the old ones too.

A few more details to go

As we said, you must be discreet with the clients. Use payment protection methods, keep their identity secure with you, accept gift cards instead of debit cards, so you can avoid listing the details in their bank record. Offer discreet invoicing, but also discreet packages, so no details are listed on them when delivered to the buyer. Let your customers decide if they will use their real name or an alter-ego, and don’t make a problem of it. A lot of companies already figured that out, so you can do the same for your clients too.

At the end of this article, we will conclude that today everyone has a chance to start something fresh and new, give a unique offer to the customers, and hope for the best. At least, this ongoing pandemic taught us we should not take life for granted, and we have to grab every little chance we have, even when that means selling adult products and becoming an active part of that industry. You won’t lose anything if you at least try – as you can see, you have plenty of options on how to do that.

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