7 Ways To Elevate Your Style In The Workplace

Even if you spend almost the entire day in the office, this doesn’t mean that you should wear the same old, boring, office wear over and over again. Yes, your office halls can be your fashion runway, if you’re the type that wants to look stylish all the time. Whether your workplace has a more relaxed outfit requirement or a more formal one, there are sneaky ways to elevate your style beyond just the blazer and the pants.

When you leave your workplace, you’ll also want to look good to everyone you meet. There’s nothing better than a young professional looking their best all the time. You could be a hospital worker, but still look stylish in your scrubs, or an office employee playing around with layers, colors, and different trends.

If you’re in dire need of a new set of workplace clothes, you can start your search on Then, continue on below. That said, you can instantly look more fashionable in your workplace through the following style tips:

1. Add Pops of Color


Surely you wouldn’t want to walk into your workplace wearing a neon dress. This might be too distracting particularly when working in a serious environment. You can reserve that for your Friday night out with your workmates.

If you really want to add life to your office wardrobe, you can add subtle pops of color in the minimal details. You can show this through your shoes or your accessories.

When you do this, however, remember to keep the rest of your outfit subdued. Leave the bright color only to at least one or two items in your entire look.

2. Play Around with Textures

Have you noticed how different textures make a big impact in making a home look more elegant and put together? The same holds for your outfits as well. If you’re not that adventurous to mix-and-match colors in your outfit, you can play around with textures instead.

There are different fabric types you can pile on your look to elevate its chic factor. Think of using linen, silk, leather, and ribbed. These are well-loved for business office looks.

3. Prepare Ahead of Time


People who are consistently stylish don’t just have their outfits as spur-of-the-moment decision. You can’t just wake up on a Monday morning and panic through your wardrobe and feel like everything is put together.

If you want to elevate your style in the workplace, then you’ve also got to elevate your preparation. This means planning your outfit and taking one of the mornings on the weekend to spend even half an hour rummaging through your closet and plan your looks for the entire week. That way, you’ve got time to think through each option, and perhaps even have a dress rehearsal.

You can reserve the last-minute outfit decisions for the weekends when you can take it easy and relax a bit with your fashion game.

4. Dare to Go Beyond Just Black

Black is a very common office outfit to wear. Be it a dress, a suit, a blazer, or even an ordinary polo shirt, it’s a common tendency to choose to wear black. After all, it’s also the safest.

If this has been you the entire time, then perhaps now’s a time for you to dare not to wear black. How fitting that you may be reading this in the spring season, so why not go for lighter and happier colors.

Try mixing in some neutrals like white and cream instead of the usual dark office suits. You may even want to try out pastel colors. These will make you look more fashionable and younger too.

5. Have Matching Sets


A very safe way to look extra stylish and put together is to have matching sets in your wardrobe. This means a blazer that’s made of the exact same material and color as your pants and skirts.

While this may be quite expensive, it’s an investment piece. An entire set of office wear or blazers can last you for so many years, particularly when you’re buying from a good brand.

Going hand-in-hand with the tip above, don’t just center your suit sets in black. You can start purchasing other options in cream, nude, dark blue, gray, brown, and even maroon.

On the upside, having matching sets can also take off some time spent to mix-and-match and plan your outfit. All you’ll have to think of are the shoes and the inner piece.

6. Look for Inspiration

Take advantage of the resources that are now available to you. If you wish to have style inspiration, there are so many places for you to get this from now beyond just the fashion magazines.

Take time to go through the Internet and you’ll find so many style inspirations or photos that you can try to copy or at least create a dupe of. Sometimes, it’s a very different thing when you’ve got to look at what you envisioned in your mind and when you’re looking at it in a photo.

If you’re at a loss on where and how to start with your office wear, the Internet is always a good place.

7. Incorporate A Unique Pattern


Sometimes, all your office look needs are a unique pop of pattern. You can do this through your jacket, your innerwear, pants, or skirt.

Just be very careful that you only have one pattern and the rest is kept plain. Remember that you’re still dressing for the office, and not a casual day out or a party. If you were dressing for these occasions, then you can play around with patterns on patterns.

If you don’t have a clothing piece with a nice pattern yet, you can visit your local fabric shop! Have one customized in that way, you’ll use something that’s truly unique and unlike anybody else’s.


Now that you’ve got all these style tips to back you up, it’s like you suddenly know the style tips and secrets of those who’ve long aced their fashion game. Last year, the workplace scenario has changed to work-from-home. This time, as the world slowly comes back to normal, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. This means saying goodbye to your favorite work-from-home pajamas and loungewear and hello to all the work clothes you’ve missed! Before shopping for a whole new wardrobe, take a good look at what you have and see how you can apply the style tips above.

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