How to Stack Things in Your Favour While Gambling

Gambling is a pastime that millions of people enjoy around the world. The battle between you and your bookmaker is a fascinating tussle, but for many, this is ultimately a losing battle.

If you want to have any chance of beating your bookmaker and coming out on top then you must look to stack things in your favour as much as possible. For many, this means taking some of the fun away from gambling and treating it as though you are a professional gambler.

These people know what it takes to succeed and there is a middle ground where you can stand, using the tips we can get from the professionals to make our fun betting a little more profitable.

This isn’t about turning into a professional, but simply giving yourself a betting chance of winning when you bet.

Taking the Best Odds

This is the first step and an incredibly simple one, but also one that many people don’t think about. When you look at a site such as you can compare odds and get the best deal. This is something you should do every single time you place a bet.

When you bet and win, but you don’t take the best odds, you are simply leaving money on the table and losing out on profit. It is very difficult to back a winner on a regular basis, when you do get one you must take full advantage of the win.

This is by claiming the best odds, and getting the biggest possible payout for every bet that you place.

Finding a Market to Suit

What punters have in their favour right now is the number of betting markets that are available to use. A football game in the Premier League for example will have over 300 betting markets with the biggest bookmakers.

With so much choice on offer, you can find exactly the right betting market to fit the bet you want to place. For example, a decade ago if you wanted to bet on goals, you have the over/under goals market to use and the line was 2.5. Now we see a range of different lines available, so if 1.5 or 3.5 suits your bet then you can use these instead.

This wasn’t something we had in the past, but it is an advantage so make sure you use it moving forward to give yourself the best possible chance of winning.

Like many of these tips, this is all about using what is in front of you in the best possible way.

Using Offers to Your Advantage

There are some great regular betting offers out there that you can use on a regular basis as an existing customer with a bookmaker, we are not talking about welcome offers here, more on them shortly.

These offers are not as big, and some are specific such as accumulator offers, some for specific horse racing meetings or specific football games.

However, if you are betting on these events then you can use the offers, and they are going to come in useful.

For example, let’s say you are a football accumulator gambler who places bets on five teams to win each week. One bookmaker has no offers on, while the other offers you money back if you lose out by one team when you bet on five teams or more.

If you use the second bookmaker then every time you place a bet which has four correct teams and one loser, you will receive your money back. This may not sound like much, but over the course of the season it will add up for you.

Opening a New Account

The biggest offers are given to those who open up new accounts. There is no limit on the number of bookmakers you can use, so it is always a good idea to open a new account with a new bookmaker from time to time.

These offers are at their best when a big event is just around the corner, for example a big horse race, or a worldwide sporting tournament.

Don’t sit and be happy with one bookmaker, there is nothing stopping you opening an account with someone else and using their big welcome offer to your advantage.

Watching the Markets

If you can read a betting market and know when to place your bet then this is going to help you a lot. This skill is not easy though, even the professionals get it wrong from time to time so don’t be too disheartened if this happens to you.

A betting market will fluctuate in the build up to an event, depending on any news that appears and the bets that are placed. This could be a tennis player being injured, a football team with players suspended or a horse racing trainer in form having winners.

Whatever it is, look out for things happening and bet accordingly, and make sure you keep up to date with the latest sports news. Your selection may go shorter in the betting, it may lengthen in price, either way, this is about going in at the right time and getting the best possible odds on your selection.

Track Your Progress

If you want to really improve yourself as you move forward then the only way to do that is to track the progress you are making. Every professional gambler has a spreadsheet which records their results and various other things, you should look to have the same.

From this you should be able to work out where you are making your money, what markets you are losing on and anything else of note. When you have a lot of data at your fingertips, you can begin to use this as a way of developing your betting.

For example, if you are really struggling with certain sports, look to cut them out or at least cut down your stakes.

If you are doing well in other areas then look to focus even more on these and build on what you already have.

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