5 Simple Tips for Boosting Gambling Luck

The moment you walk into a casino or go to the online gambling site, you’re about to lose. That is the predetermined notion that all casinos are based on. You cannot beat the house, and you should stop trying. Honestly, when was the last time you caught the lucky streak and went home with your pockets full? Exactly our thoughts. But you still keep playing against all odds, even when your chances are grim, and you are close to nil in your bank account.

Maybe you’ve been playing wrongly. Fortunately, there are some ways to improve your bid if you would follow several simple rules that can increase your chances and fatten your wallet.

One bet


Play only one bet. One. Here’s why. The casino counts on you to play to the last cent in your pocket. You are bound to lose; you are supposed to lose little by little without you even noticing. Like cooking a frog, nice and slow. It’s time that you turntables, play wisely, and not impulsively. Granted, this just might be the dullest way to gamble but it’s the one that could have you walk out as a winner half the time. The best game to play once is roulette. Out of 37 spots, an even money bet wins on 18 spaces. This means that you have an almost 50% chance of winning every time. Place one big, or bigger, bet on it once. Almost half the time you will win. Take your pick on PokerPlayerNewspaper and put in a bet. Is the glass half-full or half-empty? In this case, both.

Understand the rules


If you take a look at the casino tables, they all seem very simple to play, and you would be right. The basic rules that would be sufficient to play a hand are very straightforward, and you can just go ahead and place a bet. However, there are many rules for every game besides the basic ones. In blackjack, there are some moments in the game where you can fold or double the bet, which can take you to a major loss or missed opportunities. Thus, it is crucial that before placing any bets, especially the large ones, you should get familiar with all rules of the game you’re playing. For practice, make small bets to gain some routine, and move up from there. Every game has these small windows of opportunities that are oftentimes forgotten or overlooked by players that can be a major factor in the outcome. To be able to seize all the advantages, you’ll need to get familiar with every rule no matter how insignificant it might seem.

The house edge


Plainly put, the house edge is the advantage in percentage that the casino has over you. This means that in the long run, the house will always make more profit than the players. It’s the basics of doing business, casino, or not. It’s up to you, and your Lady Luck, how much of those profits are you going to collect for yourself in the process. The longer you play, the more you will lose, it’s just the nature of the beast. However, there is a small but vital opportunity here to be grabbed. While there is no formula for you to win all the time, there is some real probability for the win. Play games with a low house edge. With those games, the house doesn’t stand to win a whole lot, but on the other side, it will lose some too. This loss is your gain. If you play games that won’t earn you a yearly income, but rather some pocket money, you have realistic chances of winning half the time or more. It will boost your self-confidence and your wallet at the same time.

Jackpot & Go


In order to win big, you have to play big, plain, and simple. Don’t be shy to place a bet for the Jackpot now and then. One time, though. Don’t get caught up in the euphoria to win the great prize and lose the last dime on the way. Give it a shot, and see what happens. If you win – walk away. Do not stay to play other games or some more of the same, or playing higher stakes and so on. If you get hit by the lucky strike one day, chances are that is the only luck you’ll get for the time being. So, take your winnings and quit for the day.

Money management


The casino policies aren’t the only thing that puts you in the hole. Your own actions sometimes play a bigger role in poor decisions and lousy money management. If you adopt the notion that you are the architect of your own destiny or luck, then you have only yourself to blame or, in case you win, pat on the shoulder. Setting a limit on how much you’re willing or able to spend will give you a sense of control over your actions. Do not let yourself lose more than you can afford. If you lack self-discipline, then maybe the casino is not a place for you. Maybe you need a guardianship put in place to limit your unrealistic spending? Do not put yourself in the position where you’ll be left high and dry just because you couldn’t get up from the table. Be responsible and in control of your funds. If you see that it’s not your day, leave and come back some other day. Do not push forward to make up for the losses; it’s a trap leading only to more casualties.

To bring some luck your way you can use some old-fashioned rituals and lucky charms which were said to work. Rabbit’s paw, for example. There are many more rituals that gamblers practice, like not entering through the main entrance of the casino, not lending money to other players, not using the club card, or not putting up any 50-dollar bills on bets. These might help, but it’s safer to use your common sense to win in the gambling games.

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