The Use of Rubber Feet and Bumpers

There are so many different things, objects, and items that we do not even notice which improve the quality of our lives. None of us stop to think about this cruise that holds down your cupboards, the little motor that keeps your peers cool in the fridge or the rubber feet or bumpers that protect your floor from scratching and to reduce the vibrations. These are some of the things that we use on a daily basis that make some things a little bit better.

This increase in quality of life is why I believe that we should give thought to such items sometimes and to give them true meaning. This is the reason why I decided to write about rubber feet and bumpers, how they are used, how they are made, and how they make things better for us.

These small parts that can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes are actually quite useful and I am going to tell you everything about them. Make sure you read through this entire article to truly appreciate the use of these little objects.

What are they made from?


Obviously, it says right there in the title of this article that we are talking about rubber feet and bumpers. But, I think it is worth mentioning the exact material that is used during the production process for this type of product. The material will determine the hardness, the durability, and the reliability of the bumper. For example, if silicone is used with the combination of other rubber materials, the hardness will be somewhere between 30 to 90A Shore. But, if you were to use just silicone, the low range of hardness will probably have a smaller value.

In these little items, you can find material such as NBR, ethylene propylene diene monomer, neoprene, silicone, styrene-butadiene, polyurethane, and many more.

Protect your floor from scratching


One of the worst things about moving furniture around in your home is when the floor is starting to get scratch because the furniture is much tougher than the flooring which leads to scratches, cuts, or something even worse. Once these scratches are in place, there is no way to remove them or hide them. Your only option is to completely replace that certain part of the flooring.

However, the best way to deal with a scratch floor is to avoid ever getting yourself in such a situation. And no, that does not mean that you should give up on moving your furniture forever. What you can do is equip the legs of your sofa, the table, chairs the cabinets and every other piece of furniture in your home with rubber bumpers or feet.

These little objects will be more than enough to protect the floor from ever getting scratch. Keep in mind, it will also make heavier objects more difficult to push around, especially on a flat and smooth surface.

As you can see, these little bumpers are actually quite useful, but there are several other uses for them. Make sure you keep reading to find out what exactly those uses are.

Vibration absorption


Have you ever been bothered by the constant buzzing sound from your fridge, the thumping of your washing machine, or the constant noise from the cooling fans on your computer? All of these noises are created through constant vibrations made out of those certain devices. The motor in the fridge is constantly working to keep things cool inside, but that results in a constant vibration too. The fans on a computer that constantly spin to keep the temperatures of the components inside cool also create vibrations that are sent throughout the entire computer case.

However, there is a way to stop or at least reduce that noise coming from these devices. According to EtolRubber, Rubber bumpers and feed can easily absorb those vibrations, reducing the noise considerably. This is why most modern computer fans come equipped with their own bumpers to reduce the intensity of the vibration. The computer cases are also rubberized or have bumpers to reduce the vibration sent from the case to the table or the floor.

So, if there is some kind of device in your homes such as your washing machine, dryer, fridge, or anything else, feel free to buy a set of rubber feet and attach them on the bottom at every corner of the object. This will considerably reduce any noise you previously experienced.

Reduce sliding/sleeping


Previously, I mentioned that once you apply these little rubber objects on any kind of furniture, pushing around will become more difficult, especially on a smoother surface. Well, sometimes that is a disadvantage and sometimes it is a great advantage. On some things, you want to reduce the ability to slip as much as possible.

A great example of that has to be a ladder. A ladder allows you to reach a higher point by it against a wall. However, the steeper you make the angle, the higher the chances that the latter will slip away under your feet while you are climbing. This can be very dangerous, especially if you are on the top stair. Some letters can reach up to 15 or 16 feet. Imagine falling from that height.

This is why it is very important to buy a ladder that is equipped with rubber feet on its legs to prevent the possibility of slipping. If you do have a ladder that does not have any kind of slip protection on the bottom, I recommend buying them by yourself and installing them on your own. This way you can ensure that the next time you plan on climbing on the roof of your house, you will be much safer.

Shock absorption


Sometimes, rubber bumpers can even be used to absorb impact/shock. A lot of products and devices are equipped with these bumpers on every side. So, if the product falls on its left side, the right side or on the top, it does not matter because the rubber will absorb the impact in the product stays in pristine shape.

There are many other uses for rubber bumpers, but I can assume that after reading through this article you clearly understand why they are so useful.

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