Recipe for The Perfect Smile

A smile is definitely one of the first things you notice on someone, mostly when you talk to people. Teeth placement and proper hygiene are things people usually see, which is an essential part of the first impression. You should be aware that there is nothing utterly perfect in nature, and therein lies the beauty of us all. The biggest mistake is to hide behind some imperfections instead of fixing them. That is a moment of forming insecurities and the habit of hiding your smile in front of other people.

Because of that, we will tell you what measures you should bring into your everyday routine so you can get your confidence back. Here is the recipe for getting the perfect smile:



As a small kid, your parents taught you how to maintain your oral health properly. Now is the moment to remember how important developing a good habit is. It would be best to brush your teeth at least twice a day or more- after every meal. Some dentists say that optimal brushing time should be around two minutes, and after that, using dental floss is necessary. When talking about brushing, the technique is a vital part of the whole process. But, let’s choose a toothbrush first.

 Choosing The Right Toothbrush


For choosing the right toothbrush, it will be best to follow some parameters like:

  • A hard or soft toothbrush

Dental professionals highly recommend soft-bristled toothbrushes. With them, the plaque will be removed easily, and the chance of hurting your gums when brushing is much lower.

  • Quality and shape

Logically, more expensive is better, but it doesn’t need to be. Try not to buy a name, but a great product. Find the one that can perfectly fit your teeth and mouth size so you can reach every tooth and clean it properly. For the beginning, maybe the best choice is a small-headed toothbrush.

Besides all these parameters, the cleaning technique is the first step of good-looking, healthy teeth.

Brush Techniques


As we said, having an excellent brushing technique is halfway to having a perfect smile.

There is no perfect brushing technique. Your dentist can recommend the most correct one. It’s about placing your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and starting to brush gently back and forth. People usually think that hard brushing can fix the yellow or discolored teeth, but that is not true. If you have that problem, maybe you should try whitening your teeth.

Teeth Whitening


Here is the thing- almost everything you eat can affect the color of your teeth as well as your habits and your lifestyle. For example, if you are consuming coffee, wine, black tea, cola, or smoking cigarettes, your teeth will need some whitening. Some of the whitening products can destroy the enamel, which is a thin protective layer that keeps your teeth shiny. Because of better-developed technology, there is a way to prevent this damage. You can decide on laser teeth whitening, which is a less invasive and same effective method.

Fixing Broken or Chipped Tooth


Guys from say that most common teeth injury appears when biting something hard, like candies or by fall. Whatever the cause is, the feeling is definitely not great. It’s uncomfortable, maybe painful, and not that pretty to see. If this ever happens, try to contact your dentist right away. That step is necessary, not just for aesthetic reasons but because of the future of your oral health. That crack can be an ideal place for bacteria and forming an infection. Before the appointment, try not to bite and chew with that tooth and rinse it with salt water after every meal. Even if you have a cracked tooth for years, why not fix it now?

It’s Never Too Late for Braces


Dental braces are mostly used for treating overcrowded or crooked teeth. This is an excellent solution for problems like too much space between teeth and other issues that can cause an uneven bite. There are so many types of braces like metal or ceramic ones. They all have the same function- to set the proper alignment of your teeth and help you with biting and speaking. Most people decide on dental braces in the early teenage period, but it’s never too late. If you are an adult and wearing braces, the main difference is that you’ll need to wear them longer than someone younger. But, if this makes you happy, go for it.

Regular Cleanings


Many people ask: Do I really need to visit my dentist every six months and why? The answer is always yes. It’s best to set aside an hour or two every six months for regular preventative dental care rather than spending too much money on curing your teeth of some diseases like a cavity and others. Going to routine check-ups can prevent some issues like gum or teeth diseases. It can include professional cleanings and, in some cases, x-rays. Your dentist will gently clean up the plaque from your teeth’ surface and polish them to prevent future buildup. During the exam, there is a possibility of having tooth sensitivity, signifying that something is wrong. These routine dental visits can also give you a chance to discuss any other potential problem. It is recommended to go to your dentist every six months or earlier if you notice some changes.


These are just some of the great healthy habits and procedures you can try to improve your smile. And last but not least, don’t forget that it’s not too late to start working on the perfect smile only if it makes you truly happy.  Check here if you are looking to get the perfect smile.

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