Benefits of Portable Self Storage in Melbourne

Portable storage might not yet surpass traditional self-storage facilities in number, but they sure are scoring all the flexibility and convenience points.

These portable units for storage have helped many Melburnians complete projects like moving, renovating, decluttering, and seasonal storing. Not only do they help by offering more space, but they can also be delivered to your house.

In this article, we will detail all the benefits portable gives to turn you from a devoted self-storage renter to a loyal portable storage customer.

Portable Storage Benefits


1. Portable Storage Services are Detailed and Personalised

Why detailed and personalized?

Portable storage services are intentionally made to cater to different audiences. There is a premium service for busy people, and there is also a service for people who want to access their containers daily.

So, there are four portable storage services that are usually offered by all companies, which are;

Portable Serviced Storage

Portable serviced storage is a premium service where the company does everything for you. Literally everything.

They will start by delivering the storage unit to your house and then packing all your things inside the unit. After all the packing is done, they will transport the unit to the storage facility.

Portable Self Storage

For those of you who want to know exactly where each thing is placed inside the storage unit, this is the service for you. You will take control of packing and loading your things inside the unit.

The company will help deliver the container and collect it once you are done packing.

Portable Onsite Storage

Daily access to a storage unit in a facility is impossible. However, this service allows the customer to store the container on their premises. Because the container is closed, you can access all your things all day long.

Shipping Container Hire

Shipping container hire is a service for people who need bigger containers to fit all their stuff. These bigger containers can be over 5 meters long!

With these large storage units, you can store almost all the things in your house and store them all at once.

2. Only Need to Load and Unload Once


If you rent the traditional self-storage space, you would have to rent a truck, put your things in, drive to the self-storage space, and unload all of your things inside. Portable storage saves you all that hassle. Even better, with portable storage, you won’t need to unload before storage.

The container will be delivered right to your premises. Then, all the things will be loaded straight into the container. After that, the container will immediately be stored in the storage facility. That container will not be opened or unloaded again until after the period ends. Less unloading means that the risk of damage is lowered.

3. Portable Storage Is Cheaper

Compared to traditional self-storage, portable one is almost 50% cheaper. Even after the one-off delivery fees for the containers, all portable storage is still priced lower.

The prices of portable storage are determined by their size. The smaller the unit, the lower the fee.

  • 6ft Containers = $3.27 per day.
  • 8ft Containers = $4.7 per day.
  • 10ft Containers = $6.13 per day.
  • 20ft Containers = $8.56 per day.

The 6ft and 8ft containers are small containers suitable for individual and couple use. The other two are larger and usually used for families or businesses.

4. No Fixed-Term Contract

You can use a portable storage unit forever, practically. There is no fixed-term contract you need to sign before renting the storage unit. With no contract binding you, you can extend the rental each week.

That way, if there is any change of plans, you can continue storing your things inside the unit without any consequences.

5. Storage Facility Is Secure


If you want to store valuables but are afraid of theft, you can rest assured that portable storage facilities are secure.

Facilities make sure that every corner of the warehouse has CCTV. All the CCTV footage will be monitored live by staff members 24/7.

Other than those two, there are also alarm systems that will alert any motion near the containers.

These three security measures are the bare minimum a company should offer you. Industry leaders, on the other hand, will up security one step further.

Every unit is equipped with a padlock, but we all know padlocks are easy to break. Hence, a good company will give you a padlock protector to prevent attempts to break it.

With all those security measures in place, your goods will be safe and secure.

6. Complimentary Packing Materials

Before putting your things into storage, you of course want to protect them from damage as much as possible.

You will need bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes, furniture blankets, and tie-downs for that. Lots of them. Even though they will add significant cost to your overall storage budget, they are necessary to prevent damage.

However, if you find a great company, they will give you all these packing materials for free. Therefore, it is plausible to get all of these materials while saving money.

7. All Goods Are Covered by Insurance

Whether it is during transit or storage, there is always a risk of damage to your things. No matter how meticulous you or the company pack and stack the things, damage can occur.

So, make sure that your company takes responsibility for that by giving you insurance coverage for all your goods. With the insurance cover in place, you will get your money back if damage happens.


Portable units are much more flexible and versatile than the traditional self-storage facility. They are also cheaper, more convenient, and less risky.

Plus, all the facilities are equipped with effective security measures that prevent all attempts of theft. Another benefit is you can extend the storage unit rental week per week so you are covered in case plans change.

Lastly, if you choose a great company, you will get complimentary packing items and insurance coverage for your goods. Getting these means that you get your money’s worth and you save money.

Ready for a switch in your future storage needs?

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