Best Selling NBA Jerseys of All-Time

When someone says ‘NBA’, there is a wide range of things that we can consider as being ‘best’. When it comes to the NBA jerseys, there are two common things that are considered the best – firstly, the design and look of the clothes, and second, the popularity and how much of them have been purchased over the years.

If you open the official NBA merchandise website, you might see that there are various options that you can choose to purchase, all coming from different players, however, you cannot see which player managed to sell most jerseys, which means that you might not know which one should your get first.

Hence, if you are interested in learning about what are some of the best selling NBA jerseys of all-time, this article might be able to help you. The text below is going to feature a list of them that were and still are the most popular, and that still sell like crazy. Let’s take a closer look:

1. ‘Michael Jordan’


Number: 23

Team: ‘Chicago Bulls’

Perhaps one of the most popular NBA players of all-time, Michael Jordan managed to be the number one seller in the NBA store. However, Michael managed to sell a lot of jerseys even before his career in the NBA, so, the data is not as specific as it is with other players and clothes.

However, the traditional red and white #23 has been and still is one of the most purchased jerseys of all time, especially during the time when the team competed against the Detroit Pistons. Additionally, if you ask any fan of basketball, they’ll probably tell you that this particular option is the most popular one ever.

2. ‘Kobe Bryant’


Numbers: 24 & 8

Team: ‘L.A. Lakers’

Unfortunately, Kobe’s death at the beginning of 2024 has influenced the number of sales his famous yellow jersey had, however, there is no doubt that it was the second-best-selling one of all-time. Why is it purchased all over the world? Well, Kobe managed to win 5 championships with the L.A. Lakers, which means that he sold a lot of merchandise 5 times!

It is also worth mentioning that Kobe changed his number from 8 to 24 back in 2005, which is why a lot of fans chose to purchase the new edition as well. If you are thinking about buying Kobe’s jersey, you should know that there are various online stores such as Onephyle that offer what you are looking for, hence, ensure that you check out what you can get.

3. ‘LeBron James’


Numbers: 23 & 6

Teams: ‘Cleveland Cavaliers, L.A. Lakers, & Miami Heat’

During the period between 2016 and 2018, LeBron quickly went from being one of the best players to the greatest one in history, which prompted a lot of discussions about whether or not he took Jordan’s place as the best of the best. Nonetheless, his clothes take the 3rd place as the best-selling one to date.

Since his teams made 8 continuous Finals appearances, his jersey sold extremely fast, in fact, the manufacturing companies had a problem with keeping up the pace. In 2011, he did the same thing as Kobe, when he changed his number to 6, which also increased the number of sales.

4. ‘Magic Johnson’


Number: 32

Team: ‘L.A. Lakers’

No matter what you think about Magic’s playing style, you cannot deny that during his playing days, he was literally untouchable and extremely loved by people from all over the world. During the ‘80s, he managed to lead his team to 5 championships in 7 journeys to the finals.

His amazing results, his extreme popularity during his career, as well as the fact that he comes from a place which is the home to America’s largest popularity, did nothing else but ensure that his jerseys – and other merchandise connected to him – sell like crazy and in a manner of hours.

5. ‘Larry Bird’


Number: 33

Team: ‘Boston Celtics’

Larry was a basketball superstar during the ‘80, and his rivalry with Magic was something memorable and mesmerizing in the history of the league. He managed to get three MVPs, three years in a row, and he also managed to help his tea with winning 3 titles, in 5 Finals appearances.

During the years where he led his team to several wins and finals, his jersey sold like crazy, especially when he was named the MVP for the third time in three years! Today, his jersey still sells amazingly well, even though he is no longer playing basketball professionally.

What to Consider When Opting For a Jersey


Before we conclude this article, there are some things that are worth mentioning, and that you definitely should keep in mind when looking for a place where you should purchase a jersey. Firstly, you’ll want to consider whether or not it is authentic. Now, if this is something that you do not care about, you can purchase a copy in whatever online store that you find.

But, if so, you’ll want to look at whether or not it is the same as the original, especially since you won’t want to wear something that does not resemble the original. On the other hand, if you want to buy an original, then you can simply browse the official NBA merchandise website.

Lastly, you should know that the originals tend to be quite expensive, especially if a particular player gets retired or unfortunately, passes away. Hence, the prices will vary depending on the current situation, as well as whether or not the player is active at the time or retired.


As you can see, there is a wide range of jerseys that managed to sell millions of copies over the years. Besides the ones mentioned in the list above, there are also other jerseys that you might want to know about, as well as purchase at some point, hence, ensure that you do a bit more digging on the topic.

So, if you are a big fan of the NBA, now you know what you can purchase as memorabilia, which is one the reasons why you might not want to waste any more of your time. Instead, you might want to go back to the beginning of the article, go through it one more time, and then determine what you might want to purchase first.

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