Moving a House When You are Suffering From a Chronic illness

Moving is an emotionally stressful and physically tiring job for all. It becomes all the more a daunting process when the mover lacks energy due to health conditions. The mover will be obviously on his lowest and will feel anxious too. A person with chronic illness handles a normal day with great difficulty and then moving in such a health condition is all the more draining. Lifting heavy weights and avoiding accidents seem almost impossible.

But don’t get scared. The best moving companies, click here to get the names, share some tips and tricks using which you will be able to have a smooth move even if you are suffering from a chronic illness.

Make Lists and Plans and Stick to Them


Make lists of everything from the scratch. You should be aware of all the plans and how to execute them well in advance. This will save you from any confusion at the time of packing and moving. Make a list of phone numbers of people you will need for various services. Note down some small but important tasks like getting packing utilities, changing locks of your new home, servicing of various appliances and change of address, etc. Don’t forget to get your new house cleaned before you move in. For this, you can simply hire a cleaning service. Then go for the bigger tasks which may include a list of repairs, painting, and fixing at your new house.

Don’t Rush and Go Gradually


Don’t just rush and try to do everything all together. Go gradually and plan out things and make a timeline for important tasks and the most important part of this process is knowing the right numbering of the tasks included. Following is the right sequencing of tasks:


Try and start doing it at the earliest. Decluttering your stuff before moving is the key to a successful move. It saves all your energy, time, and money when you declutter and get rid of any unnecessary belongings of yours. It can be very hectic to start this task near moving time as it may be tiring and time-consuming so starting this task early will not take a troll over your health.

Repairs, Fixation, Painting, and Cleaning


The next step should be getting all the repairs and fixings done at your new place. Get your new house painted and then cleaned thoroughly. It includes everything from sweeping and moping of the house to vacuuming, bleaching of counters and changing of toilet seats, etc. This task should also be started well in advance to save your energy and keep your health fine as due to your low energy levels and health conditions, it won’t be possible for you to rush.


Next is Packing. Don’t overestimate yourself and think of a DIY move instead hire a proficient professional moving company and get your things packed by them. But still if due to any reasons you are unable to get the services of packers then go slowly. Pack one box a day. You already have sorted and decluttered your stuff. So you know well what all you need to pack in one box. Label the boxes well to avoid any confusion.

Moving & Loading


Don’t move things on your own. It is highly advisable to take the help of your family and friends or hire labor for moving heavy stuff like furniture and heavy moving boxes. Don’t try to do all by yourself. It may create trouble and you may end up in a mess. And if due to any reasons you have to get involved in any lifting then make sure that you get enough time to rest to cover up.

Unloading and Unpacking

Again, don’t involve while unloading the goods. Give instructions that where to keep the stuff and stay away. Now comes unpacking. Go slowly as pacing is the right way to work especially for people with chronic illness. Unpack the kitchen first. As you have labeled all your boxes, it will be easier for you to find out your stuff so there should not be any rush to open all the boxes together. Open one box at a time and place the things in the right places before opening a new one.

Organizing and Decorating


Moving is not considered to be complete until we organize and decorate our new house and every mover wants to settle down as soon as possible. Though this urge is quite understandable again it can affect your health. To organize and decorate your new house gradually. Take your own time and make sure you are healthy and happy. Being healthy is the most important thing to enjoy your new space.

Organize by pacing

Chronic pain and workload can never go hand in hand. The bunch of techniques as well as tricks all can help in creating smoother work processes. Moving is painful if there is no organization in the entire process. Creating adequate paces is one of the most important parts to live well. People can draw infirm and reasonable timeline which is likely to create options for better moving when in need.

Coping with physical and cognitive stress


It is not that the physical side of things that let you down physically. Your emotion is also taken into consideration when it is about your moving your possession to some other destination or location that too within a limited amount of time. Take some rest in between so that you can extend your moving hours and complete the targeted packing and moving support.

Remove the unused things from the list

Try to remove some unused and old stock from the list once you think of shifting to a new place. This is sure to reduce the load for packing while you are on wheels. Settling in a new destination can be challenging if you are not set with your schedules properly. So try to review the packing list before you start your moving journey. It is better to décor the new home with some new stocks as it is going to be an asset for the future.

By following the above-said tips, you can have a successful and healthy move without spoiling your health. The current situations are very risky for people with chronic diseases and you must be very careful while moving during the pandemic. We hope that you have a safe relocation and as soon as you are done organizing and decorating your house, we want you to sit back and celebrate your success with your loved ones!

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